GRE - Cutoff, Reservation, Quota, DOCUMENTS, Categories?

GRE - Cutoff, Reservation, Quota, DOCUMENTS, Categories? PLEASE TELL

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  • Marks above 320 is good enough to secure top university.
    Documents such as letter of recomendation,statement of purpose,passport,etc needed.

  • Requirements of a Valid ID Proof Document:
    Only original documents are accepted. Photocopies are invalid.
    Documents which are outdated and have completed the validity date are not accepted.
    The document should bear the candidate’s full name as it is in the admission ticket.
    The document should have test taker’s signature and photograph.
    Documents Considered Primarily as ID Proof:
    Driver’s License
    Military Card
    State or Province ID card
    National ID card
    There are few documents which can be produced as supplement for primary ID proof documents, under the following circumstances:
    If the test administrator questions about the primary ID document which is submitted.
    If the document submitted for ID proof is acceptable but still does not have candidate’s full name, photograph and signature on it.
    Documents Accepted as Supplement of Primary ID:
    ID card issued by Government
    Student ID card
    Confirmation letter of identity issued by candidate’s educational institution

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