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Candidates should expect MCQs on topics such as Derivative of a sum of functions, Tangents and normals to graphs, Turning points, Second order derivatives, Maxima and minima, Increasing and decreasing functions, Differentiation from first principles. Take this online mock test to clear your differentiation concepts for Mathematics Admissions Test.

99 Attempts  |  29 Tested


After taking this quiz you will know how to Co-ordinate geometry and vectors in the plane, you will become familiar with the equations of straight lines and circles. MAT will also have questions relating to Basic properties of circles, Lengths of arcs of circles. Therefore, keep practicing with this free online mock test.

51 Attempts  |  17 Tested


Here candidates will have to solve questions relating to indefinite integration as the reverse of differentiation and definite integrals and the signed areas they represent. Math questions require constant practice, start this free mock test for Mathematics Admissions test and begin your preparation.

30 Attempts  |  16 Tested


You need to have a strong fundamental knowledge of Trigonometry as MAT will test you on topics like Periodicity of sine, cosine and tangent, Sine and cosine rules for triangles. Take this Mock Test as many times as possible to become proficient in this area.

43 Attempts  |  13 Tested


Start practicing MCQS on the graphs of quadratics and cubics with this Online Mock Test. Important topics for MAT include: Graphs of sin x, cos x, tan x, √x and Solving equations and inequalities with graphs.

10 Attempts  |  10 Tested