How to prepare for qualifying in Genpact?

How to prepare for qualifying in Genpact? Tips or tricks to qualify in Genpact.

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  • Some tips for Interviews

    Be dressed in appropriately . Employers hate it when shabbily dressed people show up for interviews.
    Research well for the role that you have applied for. You are expected to know details of what you are applying for
    Know about the company. What Genpact stands for? Why you have applied at Genpact? Etc.
    Be confident. No one knows you more than you
    Smile, be warm
    Follow rules
    If you do not know the answer to a question, say that you can get back if you are given time to find out. Shows that you know what to do when faced with dillemas
    Answer to the best of your ability
    For situational questions, show leadership, vision and ability to make decisions
    If you have made a decision, even if the interviewer disagrees, stick by it. Its your decision and only you are responsible for it

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