Is it possible to crack neet without coaching..

How???give me answer

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  • youtube is good way to learn

  • yes it is absolutely possible to crack neet without coaching. if we are desired and dedicated to crack then, we should have confidence in ourselves. hard work and smart work are the two main thinks that we need to do whatever we want to achieve.we should do regular study and give more and more time to study.thus we can definitely crack neet exam.

  • Dear...I too a Neet aspirant without coaching.... there is no need to join at a Coachi g centre.... when we are preparing, in case of bio our bio Ncert text is enough (Many of them have mistaked that they try to cover lots of Info out of the Ncert.. no use actually..... jst tharrow with Ncert and do past year papers as possible as u can.... that will makes u where the qz came out of the syllabus )..taking about chemistry concept is imp.. No need of tharrowing with Ncert do 100 to 200 qz from each chaptr And the most imp is physics, concept also want to be cleared and do much more qz (200 to 300 from each chapt) that will. make u how to solve problems and time consumption (practice with time ..)u should take sleep 8 hrs and keep a suitable time table for ur study.. don't use study with hrs(that doesn't work, study few hrs and do problems )jst love with study, concentrate where is ur weak point don't waste time to spend at ur strong point ....Pray well...And be confident (not over confident) do mock tests from online ( if u don't mind Pls install grade up App for doing daily qz) so dear sis All the very best for ur exam ,do well...

  • Hello,
    There is no need to join a coaching institute if you are constantly preparing for the exam with confidence and focus.
    NEET is an exam which requires deep understanding in each and every topic.
    If you don’t want to join any coaching institute then just follow the tips given below –
    Collect some top-quality study material according to the best reviews given by readers and experts.
    You can also prefer some notes from your seniors or teachers. These notes will definitely help you to clear the concepts.
    Previous year question papers can help you to boost up your preparation level. If you solve at least last 3-4 years papers, you will get an idea about the type of questions that can be asked in the exam.
    Create short notes on your own level so that you can easily understand the concepts at revision time.
    There are various online sources available for preparation like Youtube Videos, Apps, etc.
    You must attempt the test series on regular basis. At least 3 test series must be solved in a day to boost up the preparation level. It will also help you to boost your confidence.
    I hope it helps!

  • Hi Sherya I too a neet aspirant, I am presently in class 12. And I not belongs to CBSE. I prepare my daily schedule each day depends on my home work. Likewise now I completed nearly 65 lessons and we till have 5 months. And we can complete atleast bio if we start now. Best wishes from a future doctor to another future doctor👍👍👍

  • no

  • Yes, sure you can crack neet entrance exam without coaching institute. Many students in India crack neet ug entrance exam without coaching institute. Only need proper study plan with solving question paper speedly. I suggest you join free neet mock test and neet test series to improve your speed and to score high in neet entrance exam.

  • yes nothing impossible be curious , determined and stay focused till the day of exam

  • Yes, it is possible to crack NEET without any coaching as it is upto the student that how much he should prepare for any exam. As the NEET exam is tough you should give minimum 4 hours for study daily. Previous years question papers should be solved if possible. Mock test available online should be attained. Time management is the main aspect for studying. One should know how much to study and do other stuff. One should try some other activities in the free time as it may help to divert the mind for some time and is important too. One should not be tensed about the exam and keep the mind stress free if he/she wants to excel in his/hers exam. Coaching is not necessary.

  • nope

  • YES!!!!

    have thorough knowledge of NCERT 11th and 12th. Revise your syllabus before final exam. Don't start new topic at the end. Try to solve previous year questions , so that you get a hint what kind of questions can be asked. The most important thing don't get panic at final cool mind. 


  • You can find everything on internet it can me sample paper or mock test paper just remember that don't lag behind and manage your time effectively

  • Yes,it is possible if you are thorough with the syllabus and have knowledge on it. It requires lot of effort, dedication from your side. You can also improve yourself by taking tests online.

  • yes you can crack NEET without coaching, see the actual fact is that, the coaching doesnt teach you how to study, it only does teach you what to study and what to ignore, but that doesnt help out sometimes, in case of Medical students who should have very advanced knowledge in perspective field, or they wont pass the stage of being the medical student who can do the doctrate further.
    there are some tips that can help out the student to crack the NEET exam by doing the self study.
    1) Know the syllabus well
    2) follow a time-table
    3) Mock tests
    4) Stay sincere to self
    5) Work on weaker topics
    6) De-stress yourself

  • Yes, you can crack NEET without coaching and you must manage your time efficiently and divide the syllabus based on the hardness. Keep out the things that deviate you from your studies. Chase your goal and you will definitely get it. Be determined and you don't need any coaching to crack NEET because you yourself can master yourself to attain your goal.

  • do a distance learning program ....for doubts and competition awareness.... cbse plus from brilliant tutorials .. do study 7 hours per day first study ncert books....then ncert at your fingertips...then do mcq ....maximum 100 120 q per day... study 7 hours... physics arora hc verma pandey ncert previous q papers chemistry ncert inorganic physical chemistry tandon/Bahadur / organic chauhan bio ncert Truman's biology all previous years questions... solve as many mcqs as you can...make some of your own from ncert textbooks... stay away from distractions facebook whatsapp girlfriend etc....

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