Is it possible to crack neet without coaching..

How???give me answer

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Dear...I too a Neet aspirant without coaching.... there is no need to join at a Coachi g centre.... when we are preparing, in case of bio our bio Ncert text is enough (Many of them have mistaked that they try to cover lots of Info out of the Ncert.. no use actually..... jst tharrow with Ncert and do past year papers as possible as u can.... that will makes u where the qz came out of the syllabus )..taking about chemistry concept is imp.. No need of tharrowing with Ncert do 100 to 200 qz from each chaptr And the most imp is physics, concept also want to be cleared and do much more qz (200 to 300 from each chapt) that will. make u how to solve problems and time consumption (practice with time ..)u should take sleep 8 hrs and keep a suitable time table for ur study.. don't use study with hrs(that doesn't work, study few hrs and do problems )jst love with study, concentrate where is ur weak point don't waste time to spend at ur strong point ....Pray well...And be confident (not over confident) do mock tests from online ( if u don't mind Pls install grade up App for doing daily qz) so dear sis All the very best for ur exam ,do well...

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