AMCAT Exam Pattern

What is the pattern of AMCAT exam?

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  • It is a very good idea to make AMCAT exam pattern very clear. This will help students to understand the concepts of the subject and how they can apply them in real world situations. It has been prepared based on the feedback from all the previous students who have taken this exam. You can visit thos  source for premium templates.This Pattern helps you to get a clear picture of what will be asked in AMCAT exam.

  • Eligibility
    B.E./B.Tech in any discipline
    Exam Pattern
    AMCAT happens in six sections for 3600marks in total. The duration of this MCQ based exam is 130minutes.
    Logical Reasoning
    Verbal English
    Computer Programming
    Domain Test
    Quantitative- LCM, HCF, Logarithms, Probability, Permutations, Combinations, Profit & Loss, etc.
    Logical Reasoning- Coding, Blood Relations, Data Sufficiency, Analogy, Number Series
    Verbal and Computer Programming- Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Data Structure, Basic Programming
    Personality Test- Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Neuroticism, etc.
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  • The Amcat (Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test) test is conducted by Aspiring Minds it is mainly evaluating the Aptitude Skills, reasoning Skills, Technical Skills as well as of a Candidate who is applying for Jobs in top MNC’s companies. So it is also known as employability assessment test. For single job thousands of students are applying in this case AMCAT exam is very helpful to measure skilled students. It is difficult to companies select the right candidate from the number of resumes, so if you will write an AMCAT exam then it is an advantage for you. Nowadays everyone having percentages but they are not skilled people. So, the AMCAT test helps to overcome this problem. The test useful to identify employability skills of a candidate.
    The AMCAT score is helpful to identify right candidates from the number of students. This also reduces the time for the short-listing of the candidates for the companies .The AMCAT score is helpful to candidates to recognize their strengths and as well as weaknesses. This is the test is useful to candidates for analyzing their skills and useful to overcome their weaknesses.

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amcat  test
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