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Exam Pattern

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  • I Easily Attempted All questions and I Got Success in Huawei H35-582 exam the First Attempt.

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  • The company conducts recruitment process every year to select new candidates. The selection process of the company consists of 3 rounds. These rounds are as follows:
    ·         Written Exam
    ·         Technical Interview
    ·         HR Interview

    In written exam, you have to cover two subjects mainly. The exam pattern is very clear. You have to attend 40 questions in written exam. In written exam, you have to attempt 20 questions from Aptitude + Logical section and 20 questions from C programming. Technical strength will be an added advantage for you.

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    •             Previous year questions: CLICK HERE
    •             For free Mock tests: CLICK HERE

  • For previous year papers: CLICK HERE

  • There are three sections of the Huawei Technology exam pattern with 60 questions in total. The duration of the exam is 1 hour.
     1. Written Exam- There are 60 questions for Aptitude, Logical Reasoning and C Programming. The duration of the exam is 1 hour.
     2.Technical Interview
     3. HR Interview
    For complete details, and to prcatice papers, CLICK HERE.

  • Huawei Test Pattern:
    Section                                                               Number of Questions                              Time Limit
    Quantitative Ability,Logical                                                20                                                     -
    Automate/Coding                                                              20                                                     -  
    Total                                                                                  40                                                 60 Min

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