how do I prepare SCRA?

plz tell me

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  • Tips Key to successful preparation is to understand the syllabus thoroughly. When there is a specified syllabus you can know exactly what you need to study and focus on that.Create a study schedule allocating extra time to study your weak areas.Study from Class 12th books, so you don't end up wasting time studying unnecessary topics.Paper I is scoring but still needs preparation so you can perform your best. Study the various topics from Class 12th material and focus on understanding and not memorizing, it will help you score better.The English section aims to test your understanding and command of the language, so revise basic grammar and increase your vocabulary by reading.Skip any question you are not sure of to avoid negative marking.Physics section is focused on application of the various principles. Keep a quick revision sheet to help remember important points/formulae.Revise SI units, it may seem unimportant but it will help avoid mistakes caused by applying incorrect unitsFor physics section also remember to study important definitions.Practice and improve speed in calculations and approximations, this will help greatly both in Mathematics section and also in Physics numerical style questions.  Study each section of chemistry: Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry separately to avoid confusionsPractice molecule structures used in chemical reactionsUnderstand the theorems/formulae thoroughly apart from its applications, you may be asked to complete the formulaWhen attempting the Mathematics Paper complete the quick questions you are sure of first then continue with questions that require calculationsPractice as many sample paper/previous year papers as possible. This will help you understand the question paper pattern, style and identify your weak areasFocus on improving your weak areas

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