AMCAT Exam Tips

How to prepare for cracking AMCAT exam?

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  • Prepare Online for Mock Test of Amcat, CLICK HERE.

  • Tips and Tricks
    Candidates must attempt multiple choice questions carefully.
    Candidates must attempt logical reasoning questions more often.
    Take online mock tests to know your strengths and weaknesses.
    Candidates must practice placement papers and mock tests to prepare well.
    TO KNOW MORE, click here.
    FOR PRACTICE BOOK LINKS, click here.


  • the best way to crack the amcat test you can solve many questions and practise questions for amcat test and go to youtube videos and search amcat test tricks there are lot of tricks on youtube

  • AMCAT exam is being conducted by Aspiring Minds. It is an adaptive test, which means that the next question will solely depends upon how you answer the current question, if you answer current question correctly then next question will be of bit of tough level, and if you answer incorrectly then level will be lower and so on.
    If you keep correcting all questions in a row then you will surely witness quite mind twisting questions on the screen. The level of AMCAT test is average and the subjects covered can be random. AMCAT includes vast number of subjects which you need to read. you can check here links for amcat latest syllabus for fresher for better preparation.
    Tips to Score Good Marks in Logical Reasoning Section 
    For the logical section in AMCAT, You should follow the R.S. Aggarwal Verbal Reasoning Book and have a good practice on statement & arguments section, Data Sufficiency, Directional sense, Blood relations and puzzles. You will get plenty of questions from this book as it is.

  • Simple Tricks To Crack AMCAT Exam

    In AMCAT communication you've got five modules out of that three square measure mandatory i.e. English, Reasoning and Quantitative, the opposite 2 is opted from a bunch of engineering modules in step with your branch.
    All the queries square measure multiple selection queries (MCQ).
    There is no “Coming Back” possibility in AMCAT exam; therefore you cannot skip the question while not trying the question.
    Just undergo RS Aggarwal, make sure that you just solve each the resolved queries and unresolved, they'llfacilitate plenty in AMCAT and placement interviews.
    Now coming back to ?#‎AMCAT modules:
    If there square measure twenty five queries within the section, answer seven queries properly out of initial twelve queries and believe ME you'll undoubtedly get easier inquiries to score within the rest thirteen queries.
    Many of candidates did not answer minimum no. queries in one or a lot of sections. As a result their marks falls into negative (-1) score in those sections.
    By chance if you see time is concerning two or three minutes left and still you've got quite fifteen queries left, then aren’t getting nervous. Simply mark all the queries arbitrarily, could also be quite five hundredth of your random answers square measure correct.
    As there's no negative marking in AMCAT communication, therefore do not leave single queries. Attempt to try all the queries in time. Don’t take an excessive amount of time(less than fifty Seconds) on an easy question, so you'll be able to provide longer (Max. a hundred mins) on troublesome question. Otherwise you will have enough queries left at the last minutes. Therefore probability is a smaller amount to create a decent neither Eli nor Morton Hoyt Wylie. Therefore in home solely, attempt to provide a lot of on-line take a look at and complete any queries in the maximum amount as less time. So, there will be no drawback whereas writing AMCAT communication and you’ll be scored quite 90%ile in each section.
    § ‎For English section:

    In English section, there square measure two passages. Every passage has seven queries. Initial of all browse and perceive the means of the passage fastidiously so you'll be able to answer all the queries properly. Do not take a lot of time(max. 2mins) to browse the passage otherwise you cannot complete the queries therein time.
    § For Logical Section:

    Just follow R.S. Aggarwal Verbal Reasoning Book and do follow on Weak/Strong Arguments, information Sufficiency.
    § For power Section:

    For this section simply follow from R.S. Aggarwal power Book, and follow a lot of on Log, Permutations, mixtures, chance, and straightforward and Compound Interests.
    § For pc Programming :

    For this section, Brush up your OOPs ideas and a few different vital topics like Pointers, Overloading, preponderating and organization Basics :Sorting techniques to use out of (Heap/Shell/Insertion/Radix), Trees etc.
    § Aspiring Minds temperament Inventory:

    The module will associate degree overall personality test of the candidate and is employed to assess candidates in people-interaction and people-management roles.
    Number of Questions: eighty and Module Duration: twenty min. It’s terribly simple. Simply complete the queries in time. You will get 90% during this section.
    § Computer Science:

    In these sections, range of Questions: 26 and Time Duration: 22 min. 
    Therefore do not take quite 50 seconds in every question.
    For this section, simply brush up your:
    OS Basics (Computer design, method Management and Synchronization, Memory and I/O Management, Time planning Algorithms)
    DBMS (Relational Model, Schema, Weak/Strong Entity, relative Algebra) and
    SQL (Normalization, design, Indexing) and
    Computer Networks Basics (Basics of networking and communication, OSI, TCP/IP layers and protocols, Network Devices and Routing Algorithms)

    Take a decent sleep before your AMCAT communication.
    No matter if you do not have 60% in Programming. Simply attempt to score on top of 60%, Logical and English. You’ll certain get decision from them.
    One more issue they're going to not provide you with decision no matter you have smart grade once obtaining marks card. They take a minimum of two months for process your marks. Therefore await two months. Subsequently you will get calls supported your marks.
    Just follow these steps keeping in mind. You may simply crack and find a decent grade.
    All the most effective.