AMCAT: What is the AMCAT Test, AMCAT Score?

What is all about the AMCAT? How the AMCAT score helps the candidate to find a suitable job for them?

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  • AMCAT acts as a platform for mweany companies. How?
    Majority of the companies coming for campus placements host the first round of written tests on amcat,mettl etc. So if you keep practicing the amcat papers or showcase your skills/scores acheived from amcat,this might help you stand out from the rest and also solving more questions through amcat will give you clear mindset of what type of questions are repeated,so that when you try other companies it will help you!

  • AMCAT :

    AMCAT (Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test) is a test that candidates can appear for job opportunities. It has played the role of host to the recruiters as it serves as a liaison between the students and the companies. As the acronym says, it is an adaptive test; it sets according to the candidate. If the candidate attempts the wrong answer questions, the difficulty level is easy and vice versa.

    AMCAT assesses a few imperative skills required for the application in IT and Non-IT companies. It tests a person's reasoning, technical and aptitude skills. It is a platform to assess these skills by giving a score to define its ability and suitability for the job position.

    It is an upgrade for the resume building, and graduate or postgraduate candidates can appear for the examination. AMCAT has built a new platform for the candidates to find the top-most rated jobs in big companies. It came as ease for the job hunting to the candidates. The eligible candidates can showcase their talents with their AMCAT score to the concerned companies.

    AMCAT has become one spot solution for both the companies and the students. The students can appear for the exam, which helps them find suitable jobs according to their performance in the test. AMCAT is the same for the first three modules that are Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, and English, and the last module is according to the candidate's specialization.

    ​Reliance Jio, BYJU's, Deloitte, Quikr, Aricent, HP, Magicpin, Mphasis, VyomLabs, and Uber are some of the big companies associated with AMCAT. These companies can hire candidates according to their proficiency.

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