I am prepare my first term of executive in june .can you guys suggest me how to prepare company law and tax law please?

suggestion for preparing company law and tax law easily

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  • mpany Law is bread and butter for a Company Secretary. It's your core subject and you have to master it.
    Executive Company Law forms a base for 4 subjects of Professional. So make peace with it and trust me, it is a wonderful subject and you’ll fall in love with it.
    I scored a fair 66 in Executive and 55 in Professional in this subject. So a few suggestions out of my experience:
    At executive level, you are not required to remember sections and form numbers. Please do not waste your time in memorizing them. (Sections are important in Tax since it is an MCQ paper)

    Understand the provisions of law. Your interpretation skills should be strong. If it is not, keep reading, you will understand slowly. Do not give up. Once you understand the provisions, the subject is really easy.The ICSI Module is self explanatory. The provisions are explained in layman's language and presented systematically. If you are interested, read the bare act (PDF is available on mca.gov.in) (Don’t start the bare act a few months before the exam)
    Decide one book from which you are going to study and stick to it till the end. Always keep a pencil in hand while reading and use it! Underline or highlight the crux of the provision, write meanings or examples, write the steps of any procedure in the margin in short, etc. This helps in quick revision one night before exam.
    Do not change reference books 3 months before the exam. The syllabus is vast. You will get baffled if you see a new book when your brain is bursting with exam pressure.
    Refer old question papers and write atleast one answer a day. Your writing skills will gradually improve. Writing practice is a must for theory papers.

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