Tips to prepare for CS Executive

How to prepare for CS Executive exam?

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9 Answers
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  • thank you friend ... u r tips Will be helpful I 'll follow it

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  • how to proceed for Module 2 for this Dec?

  • deepshika... yrrr itni lambi khaani refer me a summary plzzz

  • my exams are in june. and i hv applied for both modules. i have not yet started studying also. now m really very scared.

  • Congratulations.... for your success :) Thanks for sharing your experience...... but it's already the end of October...... I just got November n my hands n also got my sem exams n Nov.... I will try my best .. but not confident of learning or clearing.. really scared.. n that keeps me from learning.. .. :/ . Any suggestions....... ??

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  • Well, Sweety I can relate to this question because I had to prepare for my Executive level too about three and a half month back, along with my exams. And with my sincere dedication to time table I cleared it all in first attempt.

    So I would like to share my experience with you, hope it helps.

    It was end of August and I did not touch my executive study modules. August 25- Result day! Most of my senior’s results were declared and many did not clear. And I saw a rush of students in library with huge reference books dedicatedly studying. And here I was with an attitude like we'll see; exams are only by end of December.

    But the fear of failure hit me when I saw my seniors who did not clear and a rush inside me said, I can't handle this and I have to clear it in first go. 

    August 25- I sat and made time table adjusting my CS course and too! 

    Here are few tips:

    Make 2 kinds of time table:
    1. initial rough draft for next 3months
    2. Concrete time-table for each week or 2

    So initially build a rough draft of 3 month, for instance Gregorian calendar month for 2 subjects or 3 subjects. Then October initial FIFTEEN days for revision then next 3 subjects in remaining fifteen days.

    For concrete time table:
    Initially set goal for every week and despite what, follow it.

    Trick here lies is that if you set a concrete schedule for 3 months you would possibly miss out daily generally as a result of some uncertainty, distressing your whole schedule.

    You can't eat all the breads on the plate in one go. You wish to finish one bread to eat another and choose are you able to consume third bread currently or very little later. Thus end your initial goal and choose whether or not you wish a revision otherwise you will opt for another chapter or subject.

    For concerts diary if you opt to finish a chapter in 3days keep 1days further. Extra day is that if you may not complete it in 3days you've got daily in further to hide it up while not distressing your timetable for next days.
    (But do not take that further day as associate excuse to observe film or for time pass.) And just in case if you complete your chapter in assigned 3 day, bingo! You’ll continue with another chapter and you've got further days wherever you'll revise the chapters.

    Cut down on all the distractions for 3 months: Facebook, whatsapp, get along, parties, family occasions etc.


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