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CPT - Common Proficiency Test

Take a Free CA Practice Test And Find Your World Rank In CA Exam Preparations. CA CPT examinations will be based on Mercantile Laws, Accounting, General Economics and Quantitative Aptitude. Try and score well in each section to boost overall score in CA CPT mock test.

82111 Attempts  |  3641 Tested

Fundamentals of accounting

CA-CPT practice test on Fundamentals of Accounting contains questions from basics of accounting, bank reconciliation statement, inventories depreciation, partnership accounts and introduction to company accounts. Each subject is important so do not skip any of them.

76545 Attempts  |  2839 Tested

Mercantile Law

CA CPT Mercantile Laws Sample Paper is subjective in it's true sense. Refresh your memory on the Indian Sale of Goods Act, Indian Contract etc. Memorize important dates and practice regularly.

38091 Attempts  |  1825 Tested

General Economics

Micro Economics and General Indian Economics are 2 major portions of CA CPT Economics Exam. CA CPT Practice Exam will be challenging so brush up your basics well before attempting the mock test.

18169 Attempts  |  1216 Tested

Quantitative Aptitude

Quantitative Aptitude in CA CPT exam is a combination of arithmetic, algebra, probability and geometry. Answer selectively and avoid making silly mistakes in Quant as they can risk your chance of scoring better in CA CPT Mock Test.

15759 Attempts  |  1010 Tested

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