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Practice Tests for Fundamentals Of Accounting CPT - Common Proficiency Test

Try a few prep tests based on Inventories topic in CA CPT examination. Learn from the mock test your areas of weakness, the areas of strength and the type of questions you have to avoid.

Learn about Company Accounts and answer specific questions on the the topic for CA CPT mock paper. CA CPT practice test is set at the same level as the actual CA CPT examination.

Try some important questions based on Depreciation Accounting in CA CPT Practice Paper. Avoid lengthy calculations and employ proper shortcut methods that'll help increase efficiency

This is the aptitude questions and answers section on Partnership Accounts. Questions on Partnership Accounts are always blended with other topics to confuse the candidates attempting the CA CPT exam.

Bank Reconciliation Statement is a statement prepared to reconcile the balances of cash book and pass book. Answer questions based on the subject in CA CPT Mock based on Bank Reconciliation Statement.

This test will give basic idea about the accounting terminologies and concepts. If you wish to improve your performance in the overall CA examination, attempt practice tests from all sections.