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What are exam tips for KPSC preparation?

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  • Time management:
    Self-assessment is a crucial part in the preparation. Practice as many Mock Tests as possible in close to examination environment as possible. As a result of time management is incredibly necessary.
    During preparation:
    Avoid oily food simply before test – your brain can consider digestion not on your question paper. Take a lot of vegetables & water – like inexperienced leaves, carrots etc. which is able to decrease your eyestrain and sharpen your memory.
    Plan your studies a minimum of two months before test - this can be the foremost necessary side towards securing an honest rank. The plan should ideally be drafted up to 2 months prior to the date of examination; thereafter a revised schedule might be put into operation.. Prepare a straightforward timetable with ample time for every subject.
    Last moment revision:
    It pertains to the last 3 days before the examination. Relax the schedule's bit, strive recapitulating the knowledge, and revise the matter that you could not remember. Revise the simply unmemorable data like organic chemistry values, aphorisms, observations etc.
    Remember that there is no magic formula for success in an interview. Good preparation, judicious application of common sense and self-confidence are the key factors that will help us in an interview.

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