What perks do one receive in working with oriental bank of commerce?

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3 Answers
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    the reasoning behind people prefering banking field can be understood as follows. 
    1. it provides job security. 
    2. it is a desk job. you dont have to do a physical labour. 
    3. scope for growth. 
    4. good pay scale. 
    5. job roles keep changing so it is not boring anyway. 
    6. you get enough time for your family. 

  • 1.    Scope for Individual Growth:
    For talented and dynamic professionals, the competitive environment of the banking sector provides ample scope for individual, vertical growth. It provides employees an ambience that is conducive to scaling new personal heights and improving job profiles.
    2.    Variety:
    From Bank Probationary Officer to Financial Analyst, from Account Manager to Specialist IT Officer, there is a wide range of options to choose from.
    3. Handsome Salaries:
    When good money can be made form work that interests and suits you, nothing like it. In this regard, the banking sector proves to be the best bet. A handsome remuneration is what you get for your work in a bank.
    4. Job Security:
    A job in a public sector bank is considered a job for life. With opportunities to advance at work and not worry about being fired because of downsizing or a bad economy, it is easy to see why banking is considered so attractive a sector.

  • Bank gives Free medical aid, Discounted interest rates on loans

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