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Quantitative Aptitude

Try some of the best, challenging set of Quantitative Aptitude questions that you've ever seen. Since Kotak Bank is all about extensive accounting and caluclation, get ready to face some nerve wrecking questions on Percentages.

18225 Attempts  |  1081 Tested

Computer Knowledge

Rudimentary questions based on Computer Application and Knowledge will be asked in this section of Kotak Mahindra Bank Exam Series. Do not out on making some good score jump through this.

10179 Attempts  |  593 Tested

Verbal Ability

Verbal Ability Questions for Kotak Mahindra Recruitment Exam can be tested here. Get to know about pattern and learn how you can maximize your overall score by not losing speed.

5647 Attempts  |  390 Tested

Logical Reasoning

Here are a few practice tests on Logical Reasoning that'll help you increase your test taking performance to achieve greater score in the final Kotak Mahindra Bank Examination.

5057 Attempts  |  380 Tested