What are the shortcuts for learning Java?

What are the shortcuts for learning Java? Please someone tell me?

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  • Ok so let me tell you something, one should learn the concepts of a programming language like if you know what Object Oriented Programming is then you can implement it in any programming language the only syntax will differ from language to language.

    As you've asked the shortcuts

    1. Start with basic
    - Basic Syntax
    - Basic Datatypes
    - Operators
    - Loops
    - Conditional Statements
    - String, Arrays
    - File handling and Exceptions Handling

    2. Move to Object Oriented Programming
    - Classes
    - Objects
    - Constructor
    - Inheritance
    - Polymorphism
    - Abstraction
    - Encapsulation
    - Interface and Packages

    That's all you've knowledge of Java Programming language. Now if you want you can now learn Data Structures and Algorithms.

  • 1) Learn the language basics
    This is the first step for very obvious reason. If you don’t know the basics then you will never know either what to do next or what you are doing wrong. 
    2) Create some small programs
    Once you are confident that you are very much familiar with most basic stuffs/keywords and concepts and you can actually relate them somehow, you are welcome to second step where you will have to start building some very very basic java programs e.g. hello world, simple addition and subtraction etc.
    3) Create advanced programs using java APIs
    Now when you are done with making most of the baisc programs, and most importantly, you are comfortable into creating such basic programs, jump to this step.

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