Syllogism problem. Problem on statement and conclusions.

Hello. Please help me to understand this problem on syllogism: stmt 1) Some pastries are toffees. stmt 2) All toffees are chocolates. conclusions: 1) Some chocolates are toffees. 2) Some toffees are not pastries. Options : 1) Only conclusion I follows. 2) Only conclusion II follows. 3) Either I or II follows. 4) Neither of I or II follows. 5) Both conclusions follows: The solution of this problem is given as Only Conclusion I follows. But when I solved this I was not able to arrive at the above solution. I want to know how we arrive at this solution. Please help me.

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1. make two circle with some intersection and name them pastries and toffees. 
2. make another diagram in which make a small circle name it toffees and a bigger circle around it and name it chocolates so that it includes all the toffees. 

3. now merge the two diagrams without breaking any rule as stated in the statements.

you will find 
conclusion 1 follows in all the cases irrespective of any diagram that you make but

conclusion 2 will not when you assume that all the pastries are toffees which is not breaking or harming the statement in any way. so 
the answer to this problem is option 1 that is only conclusion 1 follows. 

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