Now days mostly Electronics and Communication Engineering Student Switch in it Sector jobs why?

Electronics and Communication Engineering Student Switch in it Sector jobs

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Most of the students or say the graduates are getting diverted towards the sector job is beacause of their lack of knownledge on their core branch. They don't have their hands over their subject. As I'm studying EEE (2nd year), what i have observed is students are running behind SPIs, CGPAs or whatever, they are afraid of getting backs in course subject. Recently during one of my lectures, the lecturer asked us about the few topic from the subject EEE( elements of electrical engineering) , more then half of the class were blank about it. The reason for it is that they only prefer local publication university books which has the previous year questions and by doing that they are able to score. But in this practice their concepts are not getting cleared, and they don't have the deepknowldge of their main course. As a result they find it difficult to perform in core sectors and they are not able to give the results. And its not always the mistake of college or the university, the students are also to be blamed for it. mostly 5 to 10 percent students only cross questions rest others keeps wandering. According to me teaching communication skill, personality development or englisg or even economics is not bad, infact it is fruitful. Students coming rural background can cope up with english and communication skill. Learning these subject will develop our personality and knowledge. Working in core also needs to have good personality and communication skill. What I find as a student sitting among the students is most of them are passive. they need good get active to have clear concept. And so this is the reason why people are moving towrds sector jobs as they cope up with it quickly and easily.   

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