What kind of Employee makes a good Civil Engineer?

Civil Engineer (CE)

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7 Answers
  • The major qualities of a Civil Engineer are:
    Technical Skills
    Project Management
    Communication Skills
    Critical Thinking

  • A civil engineer must have good communication skill and knowledge.
    he must also have leadership qualities.

  • Well a good employee does not necessarily make a good civil engg but for sure a good civil engg can make a good empoyee by working sensibly.

  • Hard work and concentration is the only way

  • I am just completed diploma in civil engineering I want to become good and creative engg in plan and design of residenitial building plan suggest me tricks

  • An engineer must be creative and have good problem-solving skills.
    - Engineers must have a good understanding of mathematics and science, computers and new technology.
    - Since engineering projects are typically done by teams, an engineer needs good communication skills and leadership qualities.
    .- Engineers must be aware of the environmental impact of their work as well as the needs and desires of the public.
    - Finally, engineers need a good understanding of business practices, finance and management.

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