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Problems on Trains

Problem based on Trains are related to speed, distance, velocity, collision course and cumulative journey. Do you find them exciting? If yes, there are a number of test series and practice papers to keep you glued for a long time.

66305 Attempts  |  8139 Tested

Time and Work

Time and Work Questions of variable difficulty levels can be tried and tested in this section of Aptitude based practice papers for competitive exams like CAT, IBPS, SBI etc. Know where your level of preparation stands after you check your cumulative scores.

50122 Attempts  |  5718 Tested

Time, Speed and Distance

Time, Speed and Distance, commonly termed as TSD in most of the aptitude based competitive and government jobs examinations, is simple straightforward topic which involves calculating one of the above in long statement questions. Know more about such questions in this practice test series.

27059 Attempts  |  3866 Tested


Are you easily confused with mixed numerals and fractions? Build that and work on it if you want to progress further into the sections of Aptitude as this will only deal with challenging problems based on Percentages and Fractions.

34787 Attempts  |  2920 Tested

Number System

Number System can never lose its importance. There will always be questions in the upper bandwidth when it comes to Number Systems in any Management or Government Level Examinations. Revise the basic numbers concepts before you begin sparring with these tests.

53659 Attempts  |  2836 Tested

Simple Interest

Firstly you need to revisit those basic formulas from your time in school in order to try out these questions on Simple Interest. Questions might be rudimentary but they usually get the candidates riled up in the calculations part. Work on strengthening that part.

13556 Attempts  |  2078 Tested

Permutation and Combination

Permutation and Combination is the most logically rich section of the entire aptitude assessment realm. These problems can only be dealt with if you have the understanding of the most basic concepts that is what permutation and combination stands for.

11146 Attempts  |  1903 Tested

Profit Loss Partnership

Computing net profit and loss and solving partnership based problems all can be done in this section of Aptitude Questions. Take the online tests, get evaluated and improve your scores by attempting more and more questions.

13557 Attempts  |  1682 Tested

Problems on Ages

Age Problems are usually based on Linear and Quadratic Equations and also involve a hint of number systems. Combine these to solve some important questions from this section to upgrade your aptitude.

11874 Attempts  |  1588 Tested

Compound Interest

Moving on to the next level of interest calculation problems are the problems based on Compound Interest. These problems might be a little tricky due to their language but with regular practice, you'll be able to solve them easily.

7654 Attempts  |  1397 Tested

Calendar based Problems

The cyclicity and periodic nature of calender dates is what every question from this topic will be all about. Crack that, you'll make it through with flying colours. See it yourself.

9930 Attempts  |  1374 Tested


Probability is a major heavyweight when we talk about Aptitude based questions. The application process in these problems is just logical so you need practice to build a process and understand a definitive pattern while solving such questions.

12261 Attempts  |  1238 Tested


Arithmetic Mathematics is an essential part of most aptitude based examinations and the concept of average is deemed essential in most of them. Try these practice papers and know where you need to improve and work upon.

10306 Attempts  |  1192 Tested

H.C.F and L.C.M

Prepare like a pro with the best set of practice questions on H.C.F and L.C.M. that usually occur in major examinations. The difficulty level can be modulated differently but the meaning will be round off to the same in all of the questions.

16439 Attempts  |  1187 Tested

Ratio and Proportion

Ratio and Proportion based problems create quite a menace for most candidates preparing for competitive exams like CAT, MAT, XAT, IBPS, SBI etc. Learn all about this section in these trial mock test papers.

11243 Attempts  |  1014 Tested

Simplification Problems

Simplification Problems can be solve if and only if you can quickly find the derivative equations. Otherwise these are considered as time consuming problems. Try a few practice questions to know what type of questions you'll be dealing with in this section. Try Simplification Online Test.

5513 Attempts  |  767 Tested

Clock Angle Problems

Derive inferences and hints from the placement angles of the minute, second and hour hand of the clocks represented in each question asked in this practice test series. Even the slightest angle triangulation can create the possibility of a wrong answer. So be specific.

4674 Attempts  |  762 Tested

Odd Man Out

Do you find the series of numbers discontinuous? There is something wrong with it, isn't it? Well these questions will be totally based on how well you can apply the concepts of Odd Man Out and Logical Reasoning and solve the test paper in time.

11170 Attempts  |  757 Tested

Problems based on Ages

Score well in this practice test series based on Age. Compare scores with the best candidates online and develop a study and preparation pattern to cover maximum practice paper in less duration.

1934 Attempts  |  689 Tested

Mixtures and Alligation

Mixtures and Alligation based problems involve higher application of the concepts of Ratio and Proportion and also is best solved once you are familiar with short cut methods for evaluating commonly known fractions into decimals.

3682 Attempts  |  614 Tested

Boats and Streams

Calculate upstream and downstream current speed and cumulative time and distance based problems while considering boats. These problems require regular practice and cannot be solve spontaneously so do not miss out on any of the mock tests.

4627 Attempts  |  454 Tested

Problems on Numbers

Quick Thinking, Logical Deduction and application of elementary mathematical concepts is whats required in this section on Aptitude Practice Papers. Number based Problems can easily boost your score in major competitive examinations.

2555 Attempts  |  414 Tested


Logarithm questions are a bit peculiar and can be asked in various formats. Revise the basics first and then move onto the application part. There is only a limited window of learning in Log based problems.

3515 Attempts  |  403 Tested

Odd Man Out and Series

Odd Man Out and Series will combine the concepts of normal odd man out questions with complex series formats to confuse candidates into selecting the wrong options. Practice these questions in order to hit bingo in the actual examinations.

3558 Attempts  |  355 Tested


Divide the sections and find the cumulative area covered by the various point notations mentioned in the questions. Learn to solve such type of questions as they will be the designated format for various exams.

1633 Attempts  |  310 Tested

Pipes and Cistern

Pipes and Cistern based problems are synonymous with major government examinations like SSC, IBPS and SBI PO. These questions have formula based application mixed with a bit of physics which you have to decipher in each question.

2364 Attempts  |  307 Tested

Area and Volume

This section consists of multilayer questions and problems based on Area and Volume. Do not expect the questions to be super simple as they usually form an amalgamation of figures and objects and you have to find the total area and volume of that.

1405 Attempts  |  285 Tested

Square and Cube Root

Do not expect Square and Cube Root Questions to be simple. These questions can be asked in an innumerable format which will be confusing for most people, which is why you need to practice rigorously if you wish to do well in this section.

1972 Attempts  |  282 Tested

Surds and Indices

Do you even remember when you studied about Surds and Indices? Middle School, maybe? Well, here are a few questions which will jog your memory about this subject.

976 Attempts  |  186 Tested

Chain Rule

Chain Rule requires a good understanding of mathematics, logical reasoning skills and aptitude in order to gain proficiency and accuracy. The test papers will help you learn more and more about such questions.

1284 Attempts  |  182 Tested

Decimal Fraction

Attempt this Decimal Fraction Online Mock Test Series made by experts and find out your level of proficiency in Aptitude. Get score and analysis of your performance instantly and improvise your performance in next attempt.

1837 Attempts  |  150 Tested

Speed and Race

Answer these simple questions on Speed and Race and know where you stand. Get complete evaluation of your performance and improve it until you are satisfied with your performance and score.

804 Attempts  |  137 Tested

Banker's Discount

Solve some insinuating problems on Banker's Discount in this section of practice paper series. Aptitude based exams will have a few questions from this subject as they tend to fuse a few concepts with Banker's Discount.

404 Attempts  |  86 Tested

Stocks and Shares

The study of stock market can be tricky. You need to be attentive and highly well-versed about the various components that enables buying and selling of stocks and shares. Learn more about it in this section of Aptitude Based Mock Test Papers.

405 Attempts  |  85 Tested

True Discount

Most candidates or aspirants might not be familiar with the concepts and meaning of True Discount in mathematical world. Learn more about problems and numericals of the subject through this practice test series on Aptitude.

407 Attempts  |  85 Tested