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Quantitative Aptitude

Quantitative Ability is one of the most important section in AMCAT compulsory module. Solve these questions based on quantitative aptitude which are asked in AMCAT online test and get an idea about what you will be facing in the actual exam.

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English Usage

Exploring the internet to get AMCAT sample papers for English section, but couldn’t find a relevant one in accordance with the AMCAT syllabus yet? Youth4work is here to provide you the best online test experience with never ending questions on English usage, exciting adaptive test and insightful reports. Try your hands at the English language practice tests here and the result will reflect in the actual AMCAT exam.

484749 Attempts  |  15251 Tested

Logical Ability

Are you keenly searching AMCAT Sample papers for Logical Ability section? Then you have just arrived at the right place. We have well researched logical ability questions as per AMCAT syllabus, including questions from AMCAT previous year papers. Try this online test, assess yourself , see reports and improve your logical ability before appearing in the real exam.

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Computer Science Engineering

This test series is designed around the various aspects of computer science engineering. Work your way around these mock tests and know how good you really are when it comes to Computer Science Engineering.

27016 Attempts  |  801 Tested

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is regarded as a highly competitive engineering trade that requires great mathematical skills as well as an unquenchable thirst for physics. Learn more about each subject in this meticulously designed practice test series, Online Test on Mechanical Engineering.

10396 Attempts  |  279 Tested

Electrical Engineering

Learn about various aspects of Electrical Engineering in this section. Electrical Engineering is the branch of physics that deals with electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. The depth and level of innovation in this line of study and research is unrelenting and needs to second guesses. The world of electrical engineering has evolved ten-fold with no signs of slowing down.

7438 Attempts  |  218 Tested

Management Banking and Financial Services

This test series is designed around the various aspects of Banking and Financial Services. Work your way around this mock test and know how good you really are when it comes to Management Banking and Financial Services

1402 Attempts  |  69 Tested

Civil Engineering

Understanding constructional logic, structural dynamics, turgidity of materials and quality of the product all falls under the duties of a Civil Engineer. Learn about the basics and advanced concepts with this specially designed practice test series.

1224 Attempts  |  49 Tested

Instrumentation Engineering

If you're pursuing Instrumentation Engineering then this practice Mock Test will help you by testing your knowledge on concepts learnt. Now stay sharp with the best online prep resources from Youth4work.

1202 Attempts  |  43 Tested

Management Human Resources

Human resource management is a strategic approach to the effective management of people in organizations, so that they help the business gain a competitive advantage, take this mock test to estimation your understanding of HR.

695 Attempts  |  38 Tested

Management Marketing

Take this online prep exercise to refresh your Management Marketing concepts and strategies. Identify your problem areas, work on them and then take this mock test again to improve your overall understanding.

480 Attempts  |  30 Tested

Automotive Engineering

Automotive Engineering has always had great scope and bright future, students opting for this branch, try this free online mock test to learn and understand about Engine Components and Transmission, Auto vehicle technology and General Mechanical Engineering.

557 Attempts  |  23 Tested

Management Operations

Operations management is chiefly concerned with planning, organizing and supervising in the contexts of production, manufacturing or the provision of services. Try this free prep exercise to see how familiar you are with the concepts.

197 Attempts  |  16 Tested

Management Basic Statistics

Management Basic Statistics mock prep exercise. If you are looking for AMCAT placement papers then this the best that you can get on the internet. Assess your preparations with this Prep Test.

132 Attempts  |  16 Tested

Automata Fix General

Automata Fix General

192 Attempts  |  11 Tested