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CoCubes Test

Have a crack at this online CoCubes mock test to analyze your preparedness for the Pre-Assessment Exam conducted by CoCubes. Here you will find one of the best compilation of questions similar to CoCubes Test Pattern. Ensure to attempt all questions to strengthen your preparations for Pre-Assessment Exam.

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Are you having AMCAT AMCAT Recruitment Test(conducted by Aspiring Minds Assessment Pvt Ltd) on your head? Y4w is providing Free Online AMCAT Mock Test Series and sample papers as per the syllabus of Aspiring Minds.

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The entire repository of mock tests and practice papers on Aptitude can be attempted in this section. Aptitude is the most essential part of most government, engineering and other competitive examinations and one can only excel by regularly practising and working on the weaker sections. Try these sectional mock test series on various Aptitude topics and be a master.

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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is regarded as a highly competitive engineering trade that requires great mathematical skills as well as an unquenchable thirst for physics. Learn more about each subject in this meticulously designed practice test series, Online Test on Mechanical Engineering.

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eLitmus Test

Youth4work provides one of the largest question bank of eLitmus with quality questions. eLitmus is one of the oldest talent assessment and recruitment agency for Fresh Graduates. Attempt the mock test before you appear in the eLitmus pH Test to bolster your performance in each section of eLitmus exam.

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Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is a fairly complex subject that requires a lot of brainstorming with tons of creativity. Learn about the basics and advanced concepts of CE through Online Civil Engineering Test, PWD Mock Test.

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Computer Science and Engineering

Computer Science has been on a hyperspeed mode since the late 90s. Introducing multiple chipsets, microprocessors, networking and internet facilities all came as the science of computer engineering evolved. Are you a computer geek? This test series is designed around the various aspects of computer science engineering. Work your way around these mock tests and know how good you really are when it comes to Computer Science Engineering.

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Electronics and Communication Engineering

Need some help with Electronics and Communication Engineering? Need to practice for your upcoming exams but have no idea where to go? This is your one stop destination for all the questions you will ever need to help you practice. Take the extensively designed online tests now and improve your knowledge

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Logical Reasoning

Practice specific test questions from Logical Reasoning in this section of practice papers. Logical Reasoning is all about metal ability, critical thinking and your sensibility of connecting the dots. LR Questions are common in competitive, and government examinations like CAT, IBPS, SBI etc.

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General Knowledge

General Knowledge is the actual judge of how well informed are you and you have been in your entire life. When you get quizzed about famous monuments, history, important dates, geography, culture etc. you need to have the ability to store a lot of information. Brainstorm and try out these questions on static GK as well as current affairs to improve your preparation level for government and business school examinations and truly achieve a greater score.

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C Programming

Programming in C is where it all began. No computer system or devices of our times would've been possible if not for Dennis Richie's C Language. The language set the initial bar for the inception of major programming platforms and introduced many successful versions of softwares even now. This section is dedicated to the most exciting yet challenging set of questions on Syntax, C Programming, Functions, Pointers, Arrays etc.

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Mettl Test is one of the most promising employability assessment test tool for freshers. Have you been invited for Mettl test for campus hiring? Practice online mock tests for the employability test here as and get accustomed to the exam pattern of online Mettl assessment test for freshers and professionals.

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Verbal Ability

Verbal Ability is regarded as the rank decided in most competitive examinations like CAT, IBPS etc. Although Verbal might sound easy as it is basically a full-blown analysis of your proficiency in English, it gets very confusing when you attempt them together. Hence, try these sectional practice papers on grammar, spotting errors, idioms, comprehensions etc.

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GKToday Quiz lets you attempt online test based on general knowledge, general awareness and latest current affairs. Try to attempt all GK questions and answers in this GKToday practice test and be updated on the latest happenings in the world beneficial for competitive exam preparation like SSC, UPSC and Banking.

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Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering is the branch of physics that deals with electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. The depth and level of innovation in this line of study and research is unrelenting and needs to second guesses. The world of electrical engineering has evolved ten-fold with no signs of slowing down. Learn about various aspects of Electrical Engineering in this section.

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Programming in Java

Java is the most widely used object oriented programming language that powers most of the electronics and embedded technologies. The language has extensive flexibility, innumerable number of applications but require a lot of practice in order to get used to the coding habits. Check your proficiency and grasp over various concepts of Java in this meticulously designed practice test series.

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Computer Networking is the central nervous system that fostered globalization. Connecting people, cities and nations through multiple technologies is what networking is all about. But are you familiar with the components that make it happen? Test your knowledge of computer networking and its various disciplines that bind the system together.

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Verbal Reasoning

Verbal Reasoning is the analysis of a person's apttide when it comes to solving problems based on verbal logic. Puzzles, Blood Relations, Statements and Assumptions type problems are common in VR Section of any examination. Assess your skill and try out these sample test papers on various sections. Learning how to attempt these questions is the main objective of these papers.

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Database Management System

Database Management System is the central system that handles all the queries and information generated by applications and consoles and also helps in storing data efficiently. Commonly known as DBMS, it has grown to have great number of applications in User Data and Business Intelligence. Are you a DBMS fanatic? Let this test series be a judge of that.

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Chemical Engineering

The concepts of Chemical Engineering will be challenged in this part of the practice test series. Questions based on Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering, Thermodynamics, Nuclear Reactions, Fuels etc. will be put up in a format that will help you build both concepts and accuracy. Preparation for Competitive Examinations like GATE can be highly benefited by testing out these sample papers.

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C plus plus Programming

If you are a proficient C++ programmer, test your level of intelligence in these specially designed Free Online C Plus Plus Programming Mock Test, and know what level of a coding specialist are you.

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Electronic Devices

Electronic Devices is quite a vast subject when it comes to real applications. The candidates appearing for various competitive examination need to focus on each individual section and improve overall scores. Initiate your mock test preparation for Electronic Devices here.

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Biotechnology is the branch of biological and cellular studies that governs the composition of the living organism. This area of study and research has expanded ten-fold over the last few years and truly revolutionized the field of agriculture, genetics and healthcare. Are you passionate about Biotechnology? Try out these mock test papers on various subjects and see how well informed are you about the inner workings on Biotechnology.

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C sharp Programming

Practice some of the most challenging and competitive questions based on theory, concepts as well as programming in C Sharp (C#). Visual Studio and C Sharp have grown monumentally in the last few years and is now being heavily employed in major industries due to its User Travertine and Adaptive Capabilities. Revise the basics before you commence attempting this mock test series on C#.

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Digital Electronics and Communication

Moving deeper in the world of Electronics and Communication Engineering, enter the field of Digital Electronics and Communication, which is in high development and transition stage these days with new innovations. Learn exciting facts about analog and digital signals, logic gates and circuit building through these mock test series on DCC.

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Electronics Engineering

Electronics Engineering is fairly competitive field of engineering which requires strong foundation in electrical, magnetism, capacitors and other related fields. More than core concept knowledge, you need to know the application. These test papers will help you in that area. Learn how to apply concepts in these questions papers.

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Engineering Drawing

Engineering Drawing is the technical blueprint of all the requirements in a proposed project. Most students fear and fade way from this subject but it carries a real weightage and significance in the engineering world. Try a few sample papers on individual engineering drawing topics to put yourself at ease.

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Data Analysis

Data Analysis is a central topic in numerous management and government level examinations which mostly comprises of Data Interpretation. This section requires both smart work as well as good mathematical skills. Do you wish to learn more? Here are a few mock test papers based on Data Analysis.

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Non Verbal Reasoning

Non Verbal Reasoning will be a true test of your visual analysis skill. Many test papers try to confuse candidates with multi-folded language and demographics but practice and focus can really help counteracting questions based on FIJs, Analytical Reasoning, Sequence and Series etc. Attempt these practice questions to get a clear idea about such exams.

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Microbiology is the detailed study of microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, viruses etc. where extensive research is done in area of cell biology, biochemistry and various stimulus responses on these organisms on the body of living beings, especially humans. This field is only for highly interested and research-oriented people. Are you one them? Try our exclusively designed mock test series on Microbiology to know where you stand.

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Biochemistry, commonly known as Biological Chemistry, is the in-depth study of chemical processes that occur inside the body of living organisms. This study includes calculation of metabolism energy, transition energy processes and research on biochemical processes. Know in detail about these subjects by trying out questions from practice papers.

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Applied Mechanics

Free Online Practice Papers based on Applied Mechanics can be attempted here in this section. Applied Mechanics is considered as one of the most interesting branch of Physics that works on real-life applications. The study of solid and fluid based bodies response to external force is the main topic of concern here.

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Biochemical Engineering

Biochemical Engineering is the constructional and development wing of biotechnological science which involves designing of reactors, monitoring of various micro-organisms and meticulous research work in the field of biological sciences. Evaluate your performance in this test series where each section has its own set of tests.

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National Talent Search Examination NTSE

National Talent Search Examination NTSE is conducted for scholarship for class 10, 11 and 12th by National Council of Educational Research and Training NCERT. Practice here NTSE Mock Test Papers for Class 10,11,12 to achieve your goal.

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RSCIT Practice Paper

Work your way around these RSCIT Online Free Mock Test and know how good you really are when it comes to RSCIT. Rajasthan State Certificate of Information Technology (RSCIT) is a computer knowledge-based exam. This test series is designed around the various aspects of RSCIT.

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