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Practice Tests for Analytical Reasoning Accenture

This is an online mock test series for Accenture Placement for the topic Data Sufficiency. Analytical Reasoning Section carries a significant weight age for Data Sufficiency Questions.

Can you deduce the right position by observing or fact stating? If not, try these set of questions to improve your deduction skill while attempting the actual exam and encountering questions on Seating Arrangement.

Coding Decoding Questions that might occur in Accenture Recruitment Exam can be attempted in this section of the practice test series. Attempt each question and try to derive a concept through them.

Connect the dots or the family tree according to the question asked in this test series. Blood Relations in Logical Reasoning Section is an interesting subject and can really boost your overall score.

Letter Series Questions can be solved quickly if you are able to guess the logical order in seconds. This can only be possible once you get in the test mode and practice this entire mock series on Letters.

Puzzles and Riddles based on Numbers in the form of series questions will be asked in this section of Accenture Recruitment Test Series. Try out each sample paper to know more about you preparation