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Automotive Service Technician Level 4

NSDC Skill Training Test can be attempted here and you learn more about the exam pattern that will open the gates for professional training for Automotive Service Technician Level 3 in the Automobile Industry. This particular job role involves repairing electrical and mechanical faults in vehicles with the help of proper instruments and equipments.

93654 Attempts  |  4019 Tested

Automotive Service Technician Level 3

NSDC Skill Training Test can be attempted here and you learn more about the exam pattern that will open the gates for professional training for Automotive Service Technician Level 3 in the Automobile Industry. This particular job role involves repairing electrical and mechanical faults in vehicles with the help of proper instruments and equipments.

55281 Attempts  |  2678 Tested

Accessory Fitter

Automotive Skills Development Council (ASDC) will be training candidates on how to do efficiently to the job of Accessory Fitter in the Automobile Industry. An Accessory Fitter needs to accustomed to various components of a particular vehicle and should be accustomed to various models of accessories.

8011 Attempts  |  1124 Tested

Auto Body Technician Level 3

Auto Body Technician Level 3 is assigned the arduous task of assisting technicians and repairman in repairing the bodies of various vehicles. You cannot turn into a vehicle wizard in a day. Proper training from ASDC is what you require and you need to qualify the QP NOS Exam by NSDC for this.

7099 Attempts  |  750 Tested

Automotive Service Technician Two and Three Wheelers

Automotive Service Technician for Two and Three Wheelers needs to know the mechanics of these vehicles inside out. NSDC Skills Test will be the judge of your amount of knowledge and whether you are worthy to be trained by the masters of vehicles in ASDC.

18871 Attempts  |  734 Tested

Auto Body Technician Level 4

Under the guidance and aegis of PMKVY, NSDC Skill Test for Auto Body Technician Level 4 will be conducted for selecting candidates for training by ASDC. The job role will be scan the frame and body of vehicles that have sustained major defects or accidents and work on reforming the effected areas.

2871 Attempts  |  569 Tested

Customer Relationship Executive

In the automobile industry or any other for arguments sake, it is crucial to stay in regular contact with existing as well as potential client base to further professional relationship. The Customer Relationship Executives are supposed to be knowledge banks, flooded with information of all the products for client's sake and should be accountable to them at all times. This challenging line of work is best suited once you have training under ASDC.

10240 Attempts  |  522 Tested

Welding Technician Level 3

QP NOS Test for Welding Technicians can be attempted in this section of the mock test series on NSDC. A Welding Technician (Level 3) is responsible for joining and working upon various frames, jigs, structures etc. with the help of melting, heat, excess pressure or gas discharge. You can learn all from a proper training centre only.

5238 Attempts  |  447 Tested

Welding Assistant

In the welding industry, a welding assistant's work is defined by helping the welding technician in minor activities like cleaning, washing and oiling back the equipments and also to perform small welding works. Develop a proper strategy to solve the NSDC Skills Certification Test Series for Welding Assistant.

3874 Attempts  |  432 Tested

Auto Component Assembly Fitter

Auto Component Assembly Fitter is assigned multiple tasks of aligning and arranging various automobile components like engine, breaks, suspension, pedals etc. and also perform an efficiency check. NSDC Skill Test will be the preliminary selection window which help you understand your chances of getting trained by ASDC.

9067 Attempts  |  363 Tested

Service Advisor

In Automotive sector, a Service Advisor is also referred to as Front office Leader. A Service advisor manages client relationships and workshop promotion. The individual ought to perceive client necessities and additionally agrees on work to be done additionally as time and price estimates with the client. The individual ought to be ready to handle the administrative & client relations function at the dealer service end.

6413 Attempts  |  310 Tested

Lathe Operator

Practice for NSDC Skills Certification and Training Programme by ASDC for Lathe Operator can be done here. A Lathe Operator in an automotive industry needs to control, manipulate and customize the turning machines, shaping the rod to work as per the requirements of the final product. A deep study of the blueprint is in order when it comes to regulating processes in the machine and also it is the duty of the operator to learn how to maintain these machines.

5585 Attempts  |  254 Tested

Welding Technician Level 4

Welding Technician (Level 4) in the automotive and welding business needs to be proficient in various welding methods, like Gas Discharge Arc Welding, Resistance Welding, Butt Welding, Robotic Welding and Manual Welding, keeping in mind all the health and safety measures. This job requires fulltime professional training from the best training centres available.

2404 Attempts  |  245 Tested

Commercial Vehicle Driver Level 4

As per the PMKVY and NSDC directives, a few selected candidates will be getting trained under ASDC. For Commercial Vehicle Driver (Level 4), the person needs to be master at driving big carrier trucks and buses and should also possess all the legal documents for it. The drivers needs to understand the type of product they carry and should mark their driving parameters like average speed, optimal route etc. according to it.

1184 Attempts  |  199 Tested

CNC Operator Machining Technician L3

Practice NSDC Skill Test for CNC Operator Machining Technician (Level 3) in this section. In the world of manufacturing, the CNC Machine Technician is an experienced machine operator who perform numerous operations and repair work like gauging, de-burring etc.

4156 Attempts  |  193 Tested

Taxi Driver

Becoming a Taxi Driver requires both direction and location sense coupled with great driving skills. You need to train and work on your skills to understand which routes will provide the most safest passage. NSDC Skill Test to join the training centres can be attempted here.

2395 Attempts  |  157 Tested


A telecaller needs to attend to all the queries asked by clients about cars, maintenance services, licensing etc. and needs to be on call at most times. There knowledge about each product manual and information must be upto the point. Learn more about the qp nos tests you need to clear for getting professional training.

3808 Attempts  |  148 Tested

Automotive Electrician Level 4

ASDC will be professionally training the NSDC Skill Test qualified candidates in various job roles. This section contains tests related to Automotive Electrician Level 4 where the person needs to be good at recognizing electronic and electrical faults in various automobiles and fix them easily.

2496 Attempts  |  146 Tested

Commercial Vehicle Driver Level 3

Logistics play an important role in the Automobile Sector in terms of both transportation and safe passage. A Commercial Vehicle Driver (Level 3) is expected to be a an experienced driver who carries materials from one place to another in the shortest duration, conserving time and fuel. The driver needs to consider efficient and delivery optimization as the primary priority above everything.

852 Attempts  |  143 Tested

Light motor Vehicle Driver Level 3

Before appearing in the skill test conducted by Automotive Skills Development Council for the job role of Light motor Vehicle Driver Level 3, check out how much you have learnt about LMV Driving by attempting this online test as per the QP NOS provided by PMKVY/NSDC. Practicing these mock test will eventually improve your scoring ability in the actual skill test conducted by the authorized training centre.

2900 Attempts  |  124 Tested

Sales Consultant Level 4

Under the PMKVY scheme, NSDC Skill Certification Test will be held and the selected candidates will get a chances to be trained by ASDC centres. The work profile of a Sales Consultant (Level 4) is to meet with potential clients and offer them attractive propositions to seal the deal instantaneously.

2061 Attempts  |  123 Tested

Automotive Body Painting Technician Level 3

In order to qualify for training programme at ASDC for Automotive Body Painting Technician Level 3, you need to clear the NSDC Skill Test. The Skill Test will analyse your knowledge of automotive body painting techniques and design patterns which help cover up body dents.

1395 Attempts  |  110 Tested

Casting helper

NSDC Skills Certification Test will be based on particular set of skills you wish to be professionally trained in. A Casting Helper / Foundry Assistant is the person who'll lower the vehicles in the furnace and mold them according to the prescribed design. There main job is to assist the main casting technicians in the process.

508 Attempts  |  96 Tested

मोटर वाहन सेवा तकनीशियन लेवल ३

मोटर वाहन कौशल विकास परिषद (ASDC) के द्वारा आयोजीत मोटर वाहन सेवा तकनीशियन स्तर 3 में विभिन्न पदों के लिए एनओएस टेस्ट से उम्मीदवारों के परीक्षण की जाच की जाती है। इस क्षेत्र में नौकरी पाने के लिए हमारे मॉक टेस्टों के साथ अभ्यास करें और अपनी तैयारी के बेहतर बनाएं।

1217 Attempts  |  92 Tested

Vehicle Assembly Fitter Technician

Each part of mechanical vehicle is built uniquely and then laid upon on a proper conveyor belt system to the assembly line system by a Vehicle Assembly Fitter Technician. The person needs to take charge of the entire process and make sure that the process goes on smoothly. Learn more about this once you qualify for professional training under ASDC training centres.

1678 Attempts  |  89 Tested

Casting Technician Level 3

Casting Operator or Technician is the person incharge of making sure than the cast is ready and the molten ore is specific to the expected product description. They need to be proficient in both manual and automated methods and hence, they can really go for a training with ASDC.

630 Attempts  |  87 Tested

QC Inspector Level 3

QC Inspector (Level 3) analyses various aspects of the development stages in a warehouse or factory. Understanding how each machine functions, like the Lathe, Press, CNC etc. and checking its overall efficiency. Comparing the overall production rate and how the leverage of more can be harmful in the long run all falls under Quality Control.

1078 Attempts  |  86 Tested

Show Room Hostess Host

Presentation is everything. Sure it is a shallow statement but also the truth. Every automobile company has an extravagant showroom and they go either with a model or a very convincing sales person who knows each feature like the alphabets. The Showroom Host/Hostess to add a new level of finesse to the entire place.

2005 Attempts  |  83 Tested

Casting Technician Level 4

A Level 4 Casting Technician has a similar job role as its predecessor with the exception of a greater work experience and ability to interact and work with different metal molds. They also work in the same furnace with the other technicians. Learn how to crack NSDC Skill Test through this mock paper series and get trained by ASDC. Casting Operator or Technician is the person incharge of making sure than the cast is ready and the molten ore is specific to the expected product description. They need to be proficient in both manual and automated methods and hence, they can really go for a training with ASDC.

462 Attempts  |  76 Tested

Machining Technician Level 3

NSDC Skill Tests for Machining Technician (Level 3) can be tested, tried and worked upon here. The main objective of the technicians working on Lather and CNC Machines is to monitor their performance and see that all the efficiency cycles are intact. They also need to clean it and keep it in work phase mode at all times.

1065 Attempts  |  75 Tested

Casting Technician Sand Moulding

Casting Technician (Sand Moulding) handles the specification set for molten metal and sand for the process. The person need to have good observational skills as well as an impeccable dexterity while handling the casting process. Learn how to hone your skill in this line of work with ASDC.

445 Attempts  |  73 Tested


Moving up in the ladder of corporate, Machining Technician (Level 4) is the person who knows and handles all the automated and manual machines and tools essential to the development process in the automotive industry. It is also of primary concern to the technician to regularly check these machines for performance and quality control.

804 Attempts  |  67 Tested

CNC Operator Machining Technician L4

CNC Operator Machining Technician (Level 4) is the overall incharge of all the processes and operations and works closely with other technicians like Junior Machinist, Lathe Operator and Semi-Skilled Workers. The person needs to be the central concern in all of this and should have an in-depth knowledge of all the manufacturing processes.

1101 Attempts  |  66 Tested

Sales Executive Accessories Value added services

In order to boost sales, the automobile sector also train a few sales executive to fend off some add-on features and value added services to the clients who've already purchased a vehicle. The added bonus helps in getting better sales estimate and also boost overall revenue. Learn how to tackle questions in the NSDC QP NOS Test through this mock test series on Sales Executive (Accessories Value Added Services).

1095 Attempts  |  59 Tested

Maintenance Technician Service Workshop

Maintenance Technician (Service Workshop) is the inventory specials in the workshops of these warehouses who keeps all the tools and equipments which are important to the overall recovery, repair and development process in these maintenance workshops intact and secure. NSDC Skill Test for this can be tried here in this section.

783 Attempts  |  57 Tested

Brake Specialist

Automotive Skills Development Council (ASDC) will be training Brake Specialist under the esteemed PMKVY scheme. The trainees will be prepared to deal with the maintenance of Braking and Allied systems of a vehicle. You will find questions related to the job role of Brake Specialist in this section.

1044 Attempts  |  57 Tested

Clutch Specialist

A clutch specialist is an ASDC trained professional who repairs and replaces clutch assembly and other related parts of a motor vehicle. These practice tests for Clutch Specialists aims at providing trainees an overview of questions that may be asked in the skill test conducted by NSDC approved training centres after successful completion of training period. Attempt the mock test to analyse your performance and improve gradually.

902 Attempts  |  57 Tested

Driving Assistant

The combination of logistics and manufacturing works best when the final product gets moved around. A driving assistant works closely with domestic and commercial drivers and maintains a proper work schedule for them. They also need to know the possibilities of available transportation vehicles. Try these practice papers based on NSDC Skill Test Format of Driving Assistant.

450 Attempts  |  45 Tested

Machining Assistant

Machining Assistant is responsible for working with technicians on Lathe Operations, CNC Machines, Moulder etc. and make sure they are able to understand how these machines function. They are trained under the technicians but a prior level of training from ASDC will go a long way in boosting their professional career in the field of automotive.

637 Attempts  |  39 Tested

Customer Relationship Manager

A Customer Relationship Manager is responsible for assisting in sales support and expansion through customer satisfaction, activities such as enhancing customer experience at the dealership showroom, recording their effectiveness and supervising the overall implementation are also part of the job role.

643 Attempts  |  32 Tested

Sales Consultant Automotive finance

Sales Consultant (Automotive Finance) is a professional sales person who assists potential clients in making probable sales with assistance of loans. The consultant needs to be on his/her toes if there needs to be a future. Learn how to be great salesman by being trained by the best training centres under ASDC.

668 Attempts  |  31 Tested


Maintaining a vehicle from the outside is also important. From the outside, the main objective is cleanliness. It is advisable to get this job done from a professional cleaner who doesn't only know about the best cleaner depending on the body of the car but also knows which areas need to be cleaned the most. Cleaning of internal parts is also important to keep overall efficiency intact.

245 Attempts  |  30 Tested

Vehicle Test Driver

The job role of Vehicle Test Driver is to be liable for driving the model or prototype vehicle and conducting on-road tests to validate the performance of the vehicle & then share the test drive feedback with the testing and design team for further enhancements. Take ASDC QP NOS based tests for Vehicle Test Driver to know how well prepared you are for certification exam.

585 Attempts  |  29 Tested

Loading and Unloading Operator Loader

Try these practice papers for QP NOS Tests by NSDC under PMKVY for Loading and Unloading Operator Loader. The job description is defined as the person who handles all the operational functions of docking, carrying, loading and unloading products and materials for various processes in a particular industry, The person needs to be good at a number of vehicles like bus, car, truck and forklift.

363 Attempts  |  26 Tested


A chauffeur or cab driver in Automotive sector is a personal driver for commuting from one place to another by driving owner's vehicle. Try NSDC sample papers for Chauffeur and understand the certification exam pattern.

717 Attempts  |  25 Tested

Automotive Paintshop Assistant

NSDC Skill Test for Automotive Paintshop Assistant can be attempted in this sectional mock test series for ASDC Training under PMKVY Scheme. These tests are a benchmark for the training programme which will teach the candidate how to inspect body in white, efficiently loading vehicles in conveyor etc.

133 Attempts  |  24 Tested

Loading and Unloading executive

The logistics department has to work in sync with manufacturing unit while attempting to make deliveries. The Loading and Unloading Executive needs to understand where to dock the trucks and how to assign various machines and personnels to carry the stuff around.

171 Attempts  |  23 Tested

Spare parts Operations Executive Level 3

Spare parts Operations Executive (Level 3) is the inventory personnel who maintain and carefully catalogues each spare part in proper order. The person needs to be extremely proficient with good management skills. Learning this art from a professional institute under the aegis of ASDC will be the right way.

382 Attempts  |  22 Tested

Auto Body Repair Welder

An Auto Body Repair Welder or Maintenance Welder is accountable for maintaining and operating all welding connected works. An NSDC trained person on this job ought to have good understanding of the welding machine, and correct information of the service related activities, schedules and maintenance of the instrumentation and tools.

351 Attempts  |  22 Tested

Forging Operator

A forging operator needs to be well acquainted with the manual and automated processes of machine forging that are employed these days in automotive factories and warehouses. The various things to keep in mind would be the specification or outline of the desired product, metal bar length and setting and working on the machine. Extreme dexterity and precision is required for this.

381 Attempts  |  20 Tested

Repair Painter Auto body L 4

ASDC Training Centres will be handling all the teaching stress for making candidates into legitimate professionals in a particular skill. A repair painter (Autobody) Level 4 will be handling all the painting and polishing jobs to make a car new as the day it was manufactured. The person has to be master at handling such situations.

160 Attempts  |  19 Tested

Plastic Moulding Operator Technician

Plastic Moulding Operator Technician needs to know about the preliminary design and the amount of material required for creating. The sample mold is built and then placed for testing after which the errors and issues are refined to move on the actual phases. The plastic moulding process needs to be done with extreme caution keeping in mind all the parameters and angles.

189 Attempts  |  18 Tested

Welding Supervisor

Welder, also referred to as line leader/ team leader, is respomsible for all kinds of joining techniques like Welding process, Brazing and soldering. Welding supervisor is accountable for supervising the assorted material joining processes for joining various forms of metallic frames, structures, sheets etc. and managing operations for a line or a shift. Test your skills as a welding supervisor by practicing ASDC online test papers.

358 Attempts  |  18 Tested

Tyre Inflation Attendant

The maintenance crew in automobile workshops need to attentive towards various issues that a vehicle might have. Tyre Inflation Attendant need to look into the matter directing to the root of the problem that caused the issue and fix it in definitive timeline. It is also important to investigate whether the quality of tyre will sustain any more damage.

163 Attempts  |  17 Tested

Warranty Processor Level 4

Earning the tremendous opportunity of getting trained under specialized centres of ASDC under the PMKVY scheme can be one shortcut to professional career boost. Now, considering Warranty Processor (Level 4) job, this person has to make sure that client satisfaction lies as a top priority above all things in the entire world. They need to release the items in warranty and ensure they are of the best quality.

212 Attempts  |  17 Tested

Press Shop Operator L4

Attempt these mock test paper series for Press Shop Operator (Level 4) under the PMKVY scheme. The job role of a Press Shop Operator is quite diverse and challenging which requires a lot of professional training and hand-on experience. They need to be masters at handling the press machine, assess each level of operation like blanking, drawing, die setting etc. and record every ounce of operational data for further usage. In addition to this, they also need to handle a to run these machines in optimal cycles to improve efficiency.

208 Attempts  |  16 Tested

Repair Painter Auto body L 3

In the automobile industry, the maintenance work on vehicles has to be done regularly to water-brush any dents or marks. The job of a repair painter (autobody) Level 3 is to blend the mixture for covering the affected area and assists other repairmen in the task at hand. They need to know how to handle the scratch. NSDC Skill Test for professionally learning this in ASDC training centres can be attempted here.

179 Attempts  |  16 Tested

Home Delivery Manager

As per the Qualification Pack by ASDC and NSDC, Home Delivery Manager is amenable for carrying cars to the barter and answer all account accompanying activities to the customer, while delivering the vehicle. Get some practice if you are appearing in the skill test to become certified Home Delivery Manager.

116 Attempts  |  16 Tested

Parts Picker

The supply chain management system in automotive industry is quite extensive. ASDC has numerous training centres to create professional candidates that will fill the industry in future. Here, the job role of a Parts Picker will be discussed, which is, maintenance of records for issue of various parts, assemblies and equipments according to the need of production and sending them to the prescribed locations. This job requires both management and organizational skills.

119 Attempts  |  15 Tested

Press Shop helper

The description of what a Press Shop Helper does is work closely with the technician and note down various segments of operational data for further application at various machine counters. They need to clean and maintain these machines and understand how they work in case the technicians are not able to look into it at the moment. NSDC Skill Test for this line of work can be attempted here in this section of the practice test series.

116 Attempts  |  15 Tested

Sales Officer (Auto Components)

As per Automotive Skills Development Council, a Sales Officer (Auto Components) plans sales targets to ensure higher sales of automotive components and manages customer relationship & quality services. Try our NSDC practice test for Sales Officer (Auto Components) to find out how proficiently you have completed your training for the job role.

325 Attempts  |  15 Tested

QCP Attendant

The QCP Attendant needs to check vehicles for various compliances, particularity related to coolant,water and oil levels and analyse how it is affecting the efficiency of the these vehicles. A deep in-depth study can help improving the final result and making progress in the forward direction.

145 Attempts  |  13 Tested

Fuel Service Man Fuel Service Dispensing Attendant

QP NOS Test Series for NSDC and PMKVY Certification Programme can be attempted here. A fuel service attendant is the person that handles the petrol and diesel addition operations at commercial pumps at various locations across India. Handling the metallic hose and learning how to operate the panel for automated addition is their main agenda.

158 Attempts  |  12 Tested

Packing Executive Packing Assistant Packer

The job role of Packing Executive/ Packing Assistant Packer is to assign various components to the final destination and then optimally package them for transportation to be shipped according to the timeline prescribed to each one of them. Marking up is the most essential part of packaging.

237 Attempts  |  12 Tested

PUC Attendant

Under the PMKVY scheme, NSDC and ASDC will be shortlisting the best candidates that will go for certification and training This section contains practice papers for PUC Attendant Skill. The entire job revolves around analysing various vehicles for pollution content in compliance of the PUC standards through various pollution check machines and apparatus.

125 Attempts  |  12 Tested

Plastic Moulding Supervisor

Plastic Moulding Supervisor is also called as line leader/ team leader, this role is agnate for all types of extrusion and moulding operations for plastic products used for creating auto Component parts. Attempt QP NOS based questions for the skill test of Plastic Moulding Supervisor here.

137 Attempts  |  11 Tested

Proto Manufacturing Executive

NSDC practice tests for Executive - Proto Manufacturing can be attempted here in order to prepare for the skill test conducted by ASDC under the directives of PMKVY. An Executive - Proto Manufacturing is responsible for co-ordination of different departments for the manufacturing of prototype automotives and their parts used in testing and validation. Attempt the online tests to know how well trained you are in proto manufacturing.

294 Attempts  |  10 Tested

Institutional Sales Consultant

A Sales consultant (Institutional) handles potential leads, presents price proposition for vehicles and manages vehicle sales to the corporate & Institutional customers. The individual ought to have understanding of the brand, product and market of the automotive sector. Try NSDC sample papers if you are gearing up for the certification exam of Sales Consultant (Institutional).

153 Attempts  |  10 Tested

Auto E Rickshaw Driver Assistant Service Technician

An Auto / E Rickshaw Driver Assistant Service Technician helps passengers in commuting from one place to another in 3 wheeler i.e. Auto or E-Rickshaw. Get trained by ASDC for the job role of Auto E Rickshaw Driver Assistant Service Technician and be certified after clearing skill test. Prepare for the skill test with MCQs available in this section.

216 Attempts  |  10 Tested