LSSSDC Life Sciences Sector Skill Development Council: Insights and Details

India is the third largest exporter of vaccines and medicines around the world, therefore, LSSSDC (Life Sciences Sector Skill Development Council)  is the major contributor in India’s economy. The main aim of LSSSDc is to give employment to the skilled people. The main sectors of Life sciences are- Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology and Clinical. Right now, 3.4 million skilled people have joined hands with LSSSDC. To Prepare well, candidates are advised to attempt LSSC question papers.

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Key Highlight
of LSSSDC Life Sciences Sector Skill Development Council

LSSSDC Registration Process       

  • Fill the application form provided by training provider.
  • Documentation process will take place.
  • Provide the application fee if not a NSDC Funded Partner.
  • The certification will remain valid for 1 year.
  • All fees is non-refundable.


Application Fees: LSSSDC

 For NSDC Funded Partners:

  • Affiliation Processing Application Fee- 10,000
  • Affiliation Fee- NIL
  • Curriculum Alignment- Rs. 5000

 For Non-NSDC Funded Partners:

  • Application Processing Fee- Rs. 5000
  • Affiliation Fee- NIL
  • Curriculum Alignment- Rs. 5000


Training Centers: LSSSDC

The total number of training centers are 200 that are affiliated with the training programme all over India. Most of the training centers are valid up to 2018. They provide regular certified courses.

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