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IT ITes Sector Skill Council

Information technology enabled services (ITES) concentrates on job roles like Voice and Non-Voice Process, Customer Relationship Management etc. IT ITes Sector Skill Council provides professional certification in association with NSDC and you can learn about their pattern and improve your score and level of preparation.

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ESSCI Electronics Sector Skill Council of India

Electronics Sector Skill Council of India (ESSCI) handles major training and skills certification programmes under PMKVY scheme for the post of technicians, engineers, imaging etc. in the Electronics World. Learn how to attempt the mock Tests asked by them.

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RASCI Retailers Associations Skill Council of India

Skills Certification under PMKVY for various retail and accounting positions in the corporate world like Cashier, Sales Trainee, Store Operator etc. are managed and controlled by RASCI. Attempt a few practice papers to familiarize yourself with the exam pattern.

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TSSC Telecom Sector Skill Council

Maintained under the aegis of NSDC, The Telecom Sector Skill Council, commonly known as TSSC, handles all training programmes under the Skill India Vision. Prepare online for skill certification exam and devise a pattern for securing a better score.

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ASDC Automotive Skills Development Council

Automotive Skills Development Council (ASDC) will be conducting NOS Tests for training candidates for various positions in the automobile sector, ranging from design and engineering to sales and supply chain management. Select the trade you wish to apply for and start attempting trial runs of recruitment examination.

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LSC Logistics Sector Skill Council

Logistics Sector Skill Council handles major employment certifications with NSDC when it comes to transportation and travelling. Learn how to secure a good rank and develop a strategy to attempt maximum questions efficiently.

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BWSSC Beauty and Wellness Sector Skill Council

In order to pursue a professional career in the realm of fashion, beauty and physical wellness, you need to prepare for QP NOS Examinations conducted by Beauty and Wellness Sector Skill Council (BWSSC). This section is entirely dedicated to assist you.

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AMHSSC Apparel MadeUps and Home Furnishing Sector Skill Council

Apparel MadeUps and Home Furnishing Sector Skill Council (AMHSSC) handles provision of corporate training under PMKVY scheme for candidates interested in CAD Design, Fashion, Management, Tailoring, Sales etc. Get the competitive edge over other candidates by strengthening your level of preparation.

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BFSI Sector Skill Council of India

BFSI Sector Skill Council takes on the arduous task of moulding and shortlisting candidates for training in the area of accounting, payroll management, loans and mutual funds. Candidates with prior knowledge might have an upper edge in this section.

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THSC Tourism and Hospitality Skill Council

Tourism and Hospitality Skill Council (THSC) handles major training programmes under this sector. Under the Indian Government allegiance, PMKVY Certification Exams will be conducted. Learn how to secure a good rank in these papers.

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HSSC Healthcare Sector Skill Council

To increase employability in public and private health and safety industry, PMKVY and NSDC has joined forces and under the guidance of Healthcare Sector Skill Council (HSSC). Do you wish to start your career in the World of Healthcare? If yes, try our free online mock test series for QP NOS Tests.

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CSDC Construction Skill Development Council of India

Construction Industry requires skilled labourers, architects, engineers etc. to work diligently in creating mesmerising structures year long. In order to understand how skilled a candidate is, Construction Skill Development Council (CSDC) will be conducting QP NOS Tests under PMKVY Scheme. Learn how to score better.

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SCGJ Skill Council For Green Jobs

Skill Council For Green Jobs has been recently launched with the aim to train skillful professionals in renewable energy, green construction & transportation, solid waste, water & e-waste management and energy storage sectors. Here you will find online mock tests based on QP NOS for all job roles listed under SCGJ. Prepare at Youth4work to face NSDC skill test for green jobs.

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ASCI Agriculture Sector Skill Council of India

Agriculture Sector Skill Council (ASCI) covers all major certification attributes of Plants, Fertilizers, Crops etc. for analysing the level of knowledge and skill of the candidates under PMKVY scheme. Try to understand the exam pattern through these mock test papers.

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MESC Media and Entertainment Skill Council

The number of qualified job roles exists in the entertainment industry according to Media and Entertainment Skill Council (MESC). Do wish to become an Animator, VFX, Director, Artist, Writer or a Painter in the Media World? If yes, then start preparing for the certification exam by going through this mock test series on each designated job position.

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PSSC Power Sector Skill Council

The Power Sector Skill Council covers the whole power industry comprising of three sectors viz Power, Renewable Energy and Power Equipment Manufacturing Sector. Are you getting trained under the PMKVY scheme for any job role approved by PSSC? Then get some practice before the skill test. In this section, attempt questions based on QP NOS provided by NSDC / PSSC for various job roles.

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CGSC Capital Goods Skill Council

A career in Capital Goods, Both Engineering and Marketing with leading organisations requires an in-depth knowledge of various disciplines under machinery, mechanical engineering, material study etc. Capital Goods Skill Council of India or CGSC is responsible for conducting QP NOS Tests for the same and you can analyze what sort of questions might appear from this section.

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LSSSDC Life Sciences Sector Skill Development Council

Medical Certifications are managed by Life Sciences Sector Skill Development Council (LSSSDC) and NSDC in order to recruit deserving and talented candidates. Learn about exam pattern and enhance your skills with the model test papers and practice questions.

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GJSCI Gem and Jewellery Skill Council Of India

Gems and Jewellery Skill Council of India is the institute looking into various training and certification programmes for designers, innovators and other trades related to this field. Closely relating to PMKVY scheme, attempt these practice papers on various sectors skills to fully understand what sort of preparation is required to qualify the QP NOS Examination.

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SSSDC Security Sector Skill Development Council

PMKVY alongwith NSDC and Security Sector Skill Development Council (SSSDC) has combined resources and knowledge to provide professional certification to interested candidates in the area of both armed and unarmed security. Learn how you can prepare for this test.

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SCMS Skill Council for Mining Sector

Core Mining Certifications in welding, operations, mechanics etc. under the PMKVY Scheme is handled by Skill Council for Mining Sector (SCMS) and NSDC. Interested candidates can start preparing for various job roles through mock test papers.

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FICSI Food Industry Capacity and Skill Initiative

Food Industry Capacity and Skill Initiative (FICSI) is official Skill Council under PMKVY Directives when it comes to the world of empirical culinary arts and baking. Devise a proper strategy to understand what sort of a questions paper is generally set.

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MEPSC Management Entrepreneurship and Professional Skills Council

MEPSC Management Entrepreneurship and Professional Skills Council is aims to generate a technically and professionally skilled workforce by training with latest equipment for adequate growth of industry professionals for both national and international markets. Here are some set of online tests for MEPSC Training.

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IPSC Indian Plumbing Skill Council

Indian Plumbing Skill Council (IPSC) lies at the helm of providing professional certification to people who wish to pursue a career in plumbing services and management. Analyse your level of understanding of concepts and prepare accordingly to secure a good rank.

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SPEFL SC Sports Sector Skill Council

Sports sector skill council or Sports, Physical Education, Fitness and Leisure skill council (SPEFL-SC) aims to train and impact over 2.1 million people for various job roles in this sector. At Youth4work the NSDC and PMKVY candidates can prepare for QP NOS based skill tests for various sector skill councils including sports sector skill council. Start practicing online mock test papers if you are getting trained by SPEFL-SC

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IISSSC Indian Iron and Steel Sector Skill Council

Indian Iron and Steel Sector Skill Council will be conducting assessment for providing corporate training to candidates interested in the industry to join in as Machine Operator, Technician, Engineer, Researcher etc. Prepare for each level and learn how to crack the QP NOS Tests through these sample test papers.

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FFSC Furniture and Fittings Skill Council

Detailed Mock Tests and Trial Practice Papers for Furniture and Fittings Skill Council (FFSC) Certification under the PMKVY Scheme for providing corporate training in the field of carpeting, furniture design, moulding etc. can be attempted in this section.

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TSC Textile Sector Skill Council

Textile Sector Skill Council will be handling all certification programmes under this particular sector. Candidates who wish to build a career in world of textile need to prepare thoroughly for various sections, for which, practice papers have been provided.

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DWSSC Domestic Workers Sector Skill Council

Domestic Workers Sector Skill Council (DWSSC) is the newest sector skill council constituted with an aim to develop a national institutional network for skill development of domestic workers in India. Practice online tests for various job roles mapped by DWSSC as per the NSQF and prepare for the skill tests conducted by NSDC under PMKVY 2.0 scheme.

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HCSSC Handicrafts and Carpet Sector Skill Council

The Handicrafts and Carpet Sector Skill Council aims to train and certify professionals & work on skill development in Handicrafts & Carpet sector under the guidance of NSDC. Prepare for the skill test conducted by HCSSC through its various training partners here, get all the sample papers and question banks for various job roles listed under handicrafts & carpet sector.

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RSDC Rubber Skill Development Council

Certifications under PMKVY Scheme by NSDC will be provided to candidates who show real talent and proficiency in rubber industry roles like latex engineering, tyre engineering and research, tester etc. Rubber Skill Development Council will be responsible for conducting assessment for the same. Learn what sort of a challenge they'll put up through sample papers.

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IESC Infrastructure Equipment Skill Council

Infrastructure Equipment Skill Council is the overall of in-charge of selecting candidates to work intensively in the area of crane control, architecture, design, operator etc. Try a few trial test papers to fully understand what sort of certification exam by PMKVY will be conducted.

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LSSC Leather Sector Skill Council

The vastness of the Leather Industry is quite uncanny. It begins with regular manufacturing of basic elements to the finished product involving multiple trade skills to work upon. Leather Sector Skill Council with NSDC is providing professional certifications under PMKVY Scheme to all the deserving candidates. Here you get to know about the difficulty level of questions asked in QP NOS Tests.

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