What r the do or die topics for NEET 2019

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  • 1. Inorganic Chemistry
    Inorganic Chemistry carries a weightage of 34 %. Among all the units, Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure carries the maximum weightage of 29.4%. All the major important topics are covered in this section. It is then followed by Co-ordination compounds from which nearly 17.6% of the question was asked on average from this unit. 
    2. Organic Chemistry
    Organic Chemistry carries the maximum weightage of 35.6%. From this, nearly 30  % (assuming a total 100%) of the questions from previous year paper were from organic compounds containing Oxygen.  Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry is the second most important chapter and thus carries a weightage of 24.4%. 
    3. Physical Chemistry
    This unit was given high importance in NEET 2017 exam. Accordingly, this unit carries 30.4% weightage. (Assuming total 100%) Among all, States of Matter and Solutions (24.1%) is the most important of all followed by Equilibrium (18.2%).  Rest of the questions were asked from the different chapter covering Chemical Kinetics and Nuclear Chemistry (14.6%), Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry (13.1%) and others. 

  • Optics for physics chemical bonding for chemistry and genetics for bio these are quite important but to crack neet you have to do all syllabus

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