Tricks to crack MCAT Exam

I want to crack MCAT Exam, do you have any tips for preparation?

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4 Answers
  • Tips and Tricks
    Candidates must attempt questions carefully, as there is negatiive marking as well.
    Candidates must revise their concepts thoroughly.
    Candidates must have knowledge of medical terms.
    Take online mock tests to know your strengths and weaknesses.
    Candidates must practice placement papers and mock tests to prepare well.
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  • You can install STEP by PCG apk on your phone or computer and revise for it! Nothing better than a good preparation! There are diverse questions that help you prepare for your test. Futher more, you can take some online test on the Internet, ask somebody who passed this exam for some advise. Good luck!

  • I have only one trick ....just have firm faith in God and keep on studying

  • Sashank, sharing my tips! It will be of great help to you -
    1) The best way to improve your score on the MCAT is to require as several follow exams as doable.
    2) REVIEW your exam and go over questions/concepts/passages with that you had issue. Use for your reference several science books.
    3) The MCAT is a reading comprehension and thinking test, not a memorization take a look at. There are few reactions, formulas, and names you have to memorize. The MCAT will provide you formulas and reactions and expect you to utilize them in responsive queries. That is why humanities students on the average score better within the Biological Section of the MCAT than biology majors.
    4) Enroll in a industrial preparation course and gain access to their wealth of passages, tests, and experience with standardized tests.
    5) If you need to buy further tests and passages, do so. Any money you pay for MCAT preparation is one of the most effective investments you'll ever build. The same applies to time commitment. Time you spend making ready for the MCAT can be time well spent.
    6) LSAT and GRE exams are excellent for further Verbal Passages. In fact, the LSAT and MCAT are written by the same company.
    7) Use a thick mechanical pencil that allows you to bubble in quicker and prevent time.
    8) Make sure you get a sensible night’s sleep. Go to bed by 8/9 pm if you have got to. Hopefully by 10/11 pm you will have fallen asleep.
    9) Stay away from foods that cause sleep (turkey, banana, etc.)
    10) During your preparation, do not get consumed by what other students do. Focus on your game plan and therefore the belongings you got to do to enhance your score.

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