hey fellow I am really depressed.I am not able to prepare physics and chemistry from ncert. Can someone tell me a quick way of preparing physics and chemistry from ncert ?

so that I can complete the course fast. Pls help me. I don't deserve living if I can't even do that. My confidence is no more with me. I feel like I am a burden on Earth and my parents. suicidal thoughts never seem to go. I hate me. This forum is my last hope. I really need someone to help me.

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  • hi Nidhi, look .. hope on u n don't get depressed I thought u wanna become a good Doctor ok try it by aiims but u have many other ways such as NEET,JIPMER,etc for MBBS but preparing for AIIMS is best to attempt any other exam so please believe on u n u r very useful person on the earth to become a doctor .all the best Nidhi🙂

  • Dont Worry Do The Things I N Which U Have Confidence And Start From Easier To Tougher N Just Have Faith In U R Self Yaa Rest Of Ur Life Is Awaiting Fr U So Do It

  • Go through line by line NCERT And keep Faith in ALMIGHTY . !!! YOU DO YOUR BEST AND LET GOD DO THE REST !!! stay HapPy and blessed Ameen

  • hey first u should have self confidence that u can definitely can achieve your goal

  • Hello Dear, You can practice through online. Please see the link given here: CBSE

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