Do we have any prescribed syllabus for the exam?


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  • General English
    Quantitative Ability, Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency
    Analytical & Logical Reasoning
    General Awareness
    this will be syllabus 

  • It isn't exactly a syllabus but these are the components of the paper 1 general English reading comprehension and reasoning 2. Quantitative and comprehension and reasoning 3. Current affairs 4. Analytical and logical reasoning 5. Verbal reasoning and verbal ability 5. Data interpretation and data safficeny 6. Business scenario

  • No

  • It isn't exactly a syllabus but these are the components of the paper:
    1. General English: Reading Comprehension and Reasoning
    2. Quantitative and Data Interpretation
    3. Current Affairs
    4. Analytical & Logical Reasoning

  • Syllabus of SNAP exam is devided in four sections. The complete syllabus of these section is mentioned below:-
    Section 1. Analytical and Logical Reasoning (40 Question)
    Column graphs
    Critical reasoning
    Data interpretation based on text, graphs and tables
    Bar graphs
    Pie chart
    Line charts
    Coding and decoding puzzles, etc.
    Section 2. General English: Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Ability (40 Question)
    Fill in the blanks
    Sentence correction
    Contextual usage, etc.
    Section 3. Quantitative, Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency (40 Question)
    Ratios and Proportion
    Simple interest
    Compound interest
    Venn diagram
    Number system, etc.
    Section 4. General Awareness: General Knowledge, Current Affairs and Business Scenario (30 Question)
    Current affairs
    Social issues
    World records
    Politics, etc.

  • there is no prescribed syllabus but you can prepare acc. to (SNAP)paper farmat which looks like that...

    General Awareness (40 questions, 40 marks)
    · Quantitative Ability (40 questions, 40 marks)
    · Analytical and Logical Reasoning (30 questions, 60 marks)
    · Language Ability (40 questions, 40 marks)
    Each wrong answer attracts 25% negative marks and the maximum marks would be 180.
    Here we’ve a chance to increase the chance of scoring in Analytical & Logical Reasoning and Language Ability section.
    Analytical & Logical Reasoning:
    This section comprises most of the following questions.
    · Set based on cubes.
    · Linear and Circular Arrangements – 5 to 7 questions.
    · Family Tree.
    · Venn Diagram.
    · Coded Mathematics.
    · Letter Coding.
    · Fact-inference-judgment.
    · Analogy.
    · Diagrammatic numeric puzzle.
    · Critical Reasoning.
    This section would be mostly easy to crack candidates have to be really fast in this section and grab as much as they candidates. A fair attempt of 24-27 questions with 100% accuracy within 40 minutes should land you in the safe zone.
    Language Ability:
    This section comprises most of reading comprehension, vocabulary & sentence correction
    · Reading Comprehension – 6 questions.
    · Sentence Completion – 6 to 8 questions.
    · Vocabulary based questions (Analogy, Synonym-Antonym, Word Meanings & other kinda questions) – 12 to 14 questions.
    · Sentence Correction and Error Spotting – 8 to 10 questions.
    · Jumbled Paragraphs (1st & last sentences fixed)

    All the bset!!!!

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