Tips to prepare for SCRA examination

How to crack SCRA exam?

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3 Answers
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  • Hey sweety, I’m sharing most beneficial tips and tricks for cracking your SCRA examination
    Tip 1: Identify Exam Pattern and Syllabus:
    Participant should be familiar of the SCRA exam pattern and tips to start the preparation for the exam. These are very crucial to know as without them no preparation can be done.
    Tip 2: Plan Your Preparation:
    Make a proper strategy to begin your preparation through proper Planning. Planning refers to creating a preparation chart for the chapters you have to study per week about a particular subject so that the entire syllabus can be covered.
    Tip 3: Create a Time Table:
    This is essential as it will create a time allotment per subject topic wise and schedule for SCRA examination your studies. Moreover, you will have to prepare all the subjects for SCRA exam in a given period of time. So, Time Scheduling is essential for the exam.
    Tip 4: Strong and Weak Sections:
    In SCRA examination you should be very well aware of your strengths and weaknesses with concern to the subjects according to your syllabus. Enhance your strengths. Then, boost up your weak sections and ignore those weakest sections that are not crucial from SCRA examination point of view.
    Tip 5: Study With Concentration:
    This is also very crucial factor from the SCRA examination point of view. Always study regularly with proper concentration. This will help you to capture the particular topic easily and effectively.
    Tip 6: Work Hard:
    In SCRA Exam you should Work hard in all the subjects by giving proper attention to each subject. Do learning with understanding in each subject inspite of cramming the relevant topics. This will help you to remember the topic till the commencement of exam.
    Tip 7: Practice Previous Year Papers:
    You should practice the previous SCRA Examination year paper solved and unsolved question papers to know your preparation level and to know the type of questions that can come in exam. This will increase your confidence level and ultimately boost your performance in exam.
    Tip 8: Proper Revision:
    For SCRA exam you should learn Proper Revision is necessary. Time management should be done in such a way that you get sufficient time for revision and to review the topics you have already prepared.
    These tips & tricks will help you in scoring good marks in exams, so you should start your exam preparation accordingly.
    All the best for your SCRA examination, I hope you these tips and tricks are useful for your SCRA exam 2016.


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