Tips and tricks of TOEFL 2016

What are the tricks to score in TOEFL?

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  • practice hard, practice more and practice to prepare well

  • I hope these tips would help you: 1.) Spending more time with English language e.g. watching the news on television, reading a lot and if possible finding someone who can communicate with you in English! Finally, you're gonna be more familiar with English and it kinda reduces stress when taking the tests!

  •  Swati, sharing the pattern for TOEFL, might it will help you a lot.
    1) Choose the best TOEFL self-help guides for you

    If you are unacquainted with TOEFL, it's important that you simply begin changing into at home with the take a look at queries and structure. The best thanks to achieve this can be just by practicing. Although this step would possibly sound straightforward, you might at the start feel swamped by the sheer range of TOEFL aid guides offered lately. You can opt to get aid books, CD-ROMs and even tapes. Don't be simply swayed by advertising or nice covers. Take some time to believe which technique can best assist you absorb info. For example, if you get motion sickness simply from reading books on the bus or train, you might need to think about obtaining tapes thus you'll hear them after you square measure travel from one place to the opposite.

    2) Consider enrolling in a preparation course

    Taking up a TOEFL preparation course will certainly cost plenty quite merely obtaining some aid guides. However, the help given throughout your preparation course is mostly more practical and valuable. This is because you'll need the chance to in person raise any doubts or queries you've got concerning a specific question. However, before immediately linguistic communication up for the least expensive preparation course in city, ensure that you simply teacher is at home with the TOEFL take a look at and he or she will be able to explain answers to tough queries in an exceedingly means that you can perceive. Consider asking the college for permission to watch the category before linguistic communication up.

    3) Learn some strategies to save time

    You will see such similar answer decisions usually in TOEFL: 
    A) to destroy 
    B) destroying 
    C) destroyed 
    D) was destroyed 
    When you see such an issue, take note that 90% of the time, the answer is either B or C. Since TOEFL generally tests on active voice (-ing form) and voice (-ed form), when you see each -ed kind and -ing kind in an exceedingly set of answer decisions, the answer is very likely to be one amongst the 2.

    That is only 1 of the numerous strategies you'll verify either from your preparation course, or from intense practices.

    4) Ask yourself if it sounds right

    Everyone has the ability to suppose in real language while not victimization our voice. That means that we are able to have a voice communication in our mind as if the words have real sound. Our mind reacts to this virtual sound, not to grammar rules. In other words, we can be ready to tell if a precise sentence sounds right just by thinking it aloud.

    Knowing this fact can return in terribly handy after you square measure stumped by an issue. Consider taking turns work the decisions given into the sentence and see if it sounds right. If it sounds good, more usually than not, you have found the proper answer.
    All the best for your TOEFL exam.

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