TOEFL Exam Pattern 2016

What is the exam pattern of TOEFL 2016?

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  • Swati, sharing the pattern for TOEFL, might it will help you a lot.
    The TOEFL Internet primarily based check is a four hours test conducted for the subsequent main sections:
    1. Reading: This section comprises of 3-5 passages of approx. 700 words having about 36-70 queries in total on them. The total time allotted to resolve this section of this paper is 60-100 minutes. The section on Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary is based on deciding the reading and vocabulary skills of the candidates.
     2. Listening: This section of the exam shall consist of 4-6 lectures and 2-3 conversations with 34-51 queries in total thereon. The candidates will be given six queries per lecture and five queries per conversations to be solved in 60-90 minutes by all the candidates. The section basically judges the listening capabilities of the candidates.
    3. Speaking: Under this section of the test, a total of 6 tasks are allotted to the check takers that embody the following: two queries on expressing the opinions and four queries on what one has got to browse / hear for qualifying during this section of the test. The total time allotted to the present section of the test is barely twenty minutes.
    All the best for your TOEFL exam.

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