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Can you please provide me the whole necessary information about PTE exam?

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  • ·         Pearson test for English academics commonly known as PTE is an exam to check English language proficiency and is trusted by universities, colleges and governments all around the world.
    ·         This exam is mostly used by Australian department of Immigration and Citizenship for visa applications of foreign students.
    ·         Intro
    ·         First let us talk about the age criteria.
    ·         The minimum age for giving PTE exam is 16 years.
    ·         There is no maximum age limit to give PTE exam.
    ·         Candidate below 18 years of age should have parental consent to give PTE exam.
    ·         Candidates with disabilities will be provided with accommodations with respect to their disability condition.
    ·         After checking if a candidate is eligible for PTE exam the next step is to fill the application form.
    ·         The cost of giving PTE exam is within the range 150$ - 210$ depending on country to country.
    Exam pattern
    ·         PTE exam is conducted to check the proficiency of non-native English speakers.
    ·         This exam has three sections for which a total time of 3 hours is allotted.
    ·         The first section is reading and writing and is approx. 90 minutes long. This section have general question which involve a lot of speaking to check the consistency of a candidate in English. After this speaking session the candidate has to write an essay for which 20 minutes are allotted.
    ·         The second section is reading which involves passages and questions related to them. This section should be finished within 40 minutes.
    ·         The third section is listening for which a candidate is allotted 50-60 minutes.
    ·         The result for PTE exam is declared within 5 days.
    Tips and tricks
    ·         Practise Writing and speaking English Language to be consistent in it.
    ·         Practice unseen passages as much as possible.
    ·         Manage your time properly; give appropriate amount of time to each section.
    ·         Try to improve your time by practicing as many online tests and previous PTE papers. Youth4work provides online mock tests with time limit attached to each question; this way one can learn to finish the entire exam within the time limit.

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pte pearson test of english
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pte pearson test of english