What are good qualities to look for when interviewing an electrical engineer ?

Electrical engineer (fresher)

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  • One must look for following qualities in an electrical engineer. Critical Thinking Circuit Design Instrumentation and Electrical Measurements Active Learning Interpersonal Communication Organizational Skills Innovative Thinking

  • They looks about your personality,communication skills,knowledge,quick response etc.They will judge you as becoming a customer himself.They will also judge your humbleness.

  •  Many qualities to for when interiewing an eletrical engineer but three Quality is most important
    1-Tech knowledge
    3-Positie Approch

  • Basic knowledge about Electrical engineering, Be practically, Work with positive attitude & Confident

  • This depends somewhat on whether the applicant is entry level or senior, but for a senior EE I'd look for

    Accomplished - active in design, no dead wood
    Organized - every EE has a process, if the process is messy so is the design
    Humble - Arrogance begins when learning from ones mistakes ends.  The majority of good EEs I've worked with have been humble
    Deliberate - the flip of a switch can do a lot of damage
    Reluctant to take shortcuts - in a complex design there are many temptations to cut corners.  
    Communicative - Willing and able to clearly argue for and teach their designs
    Open - willing to consider addition of features, a different communication interface, higher performance, greater safety factor, lower cost etc.  Some fall in love with their work and are genuinely annoyed at the idea of changing it.

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