what is Data Replication in the distributed ?

what is data replication and what are the different types of replications?

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Data Replication is the process of storing data in more than one site or node. It is useful in improving the availability of data. It is simply copying data from a database from one server to another server so that all the users can share the same data without any inconsistency. There are three types of data replication.They are:1.Snapshot Replication 2.Transactional Replication 3.Merge Replication
1.Snapshot Replication :Snapshot replication simply takes a "snapshot" of the data on one server and moves that data to another server
2.Transactional Replication:Transactional replication involves copying data from the publisher to the subscriber(s) once and then delivering transactions to the subscriber(s) as they occur on the publisher.
3.Merge Replication:Merge replication combines data from multiple sources into a single central database. Much like transactional replication, merge replication uses initial synchronization by taking the snapshot of data on the publisher and moving it to subscribers.

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