need some technical questions for practice purpose.

technical questions for IT and CS?

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Questions related to C language:
·         Define local block?
·         Variables should be stored in local blocks. Yes or no?
·         A switch statement is better than multiple if statements in what all situations?
·         Can a switch statement be written without a default case?
·         Is it possible for the last case of a switch statement to skip including the break?
·         Barring the for statement, where else is the comma operator used?
·         How do you determine whether a loop ended prematurely?
·         Differentiate between goto, long jmp( ) and setjmp()?
·         Explain lvalue?
·         Can an array be an lvalue?
·         Explain rvalue?
·         Is right-to-left or left-to-right order guaranteed for operator precedence?
·         Differentiate between ++var and var++?
·         Explain the function of the modulus operator?
·         What is the most efficient way to store flag values?
·         Explain "bit masking"?
·         Are bit fields portable?
·         Is it better to bitshift a value than to multiply by 2?
·         What is meant by high-order and low-order bytes?
·         What is the way to store 16-bit and 32-bit numbers ?
·         Explain macro and its usage
·         What purpose does preprocessor fulfill for a program?
·         How can you avoid including a header more than once?
·         With the help of #include , can a file other than a .h file be included?
·         What is the benefit of using #define while declaring a constant?
·         What is the benefit of using enum while declaring a constant?
·         Why is it better to use an enum rather than a #define constant?

These are few, with these questions you will get an idea about the concepts and pattern.

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