Eligibility For Oracle Recruitment 2018, minimum qualification for Oracle

What is the criteria of eligibility at Oracle?? Is there any minimum qualification rule or is there any preferred qualification rule??

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  • Eligibility Criterion for Oracle Recruitment:

    While it is preferred that you have a suitable graduate/postgraduate degree in IT to be eligible for working at Oracle, but the company does not hire candidates on the grounds of educational qualifications alone. Your overall background will be examined including your personality traits, technical skill set, interests, communication skills, people skills and what motivates you. In other words, you need to be Jack of all trades and master of few. Also, which degree is required for which job profile totally depends on the nature of the job area, for example candidates with degrees (graduate/postgraduate) in IT will be recruited for technical roles whereas candidates with diploma/degree in Business/Economics will be considered for sales and business consultation roles.

    However, it must be noted that the chances of candidates getting hired with consistent academic record (with at least 60% marks in aggregate) are higher than those who have backlogs or big gaps in study time. The company is willing to overlook the gap of one year in studies but not more than that.

  • Your overall performance in previous years will be seen along with academic performance and your percentage should be 60 or above in every course.there are monre chances of you getting selected if you don't have any backlogs or gap.

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