How to prepare for placements atNTT?

WHat are sectors in which NTT offers services?As in it's main sectors?

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·         Don’t waste  your time on Difficult question,  Try solving those first , whom you are sure about
·         To improve your awareness and GK do read lots of books, magazines, newspapers. Watch news regularly to keep yourself Updated
·         Time management is very important during the exam but also while preparing for exam
·         Make daily Targets for yourself , and check the at the end of the day
·         Focus on your Communication Skills , as it is one of important factor in selection
·         While you prepare, you should write down he important things you need to revise just before the exam.
·         Give as many as mock test you can
·         It will help you improve your speed , and will make you analyse your weaker and strong areas
·         Make a daily habit of writing that’ll help you increase your speed
·         Do attempt all questions, as there is no negative marking.
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