Is Grapecity will be a good option for fresher?

Need company details and work profile

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  • Grape City is a privately held, multinational software corporation based in Japan, that develops its own software products and provides outsourced product development services, consulting services, software, and Customer relationship management services. The candidates who are eligible have the best chance to join Grape city team and make your career reach up to peaks.

    he eligibility of GRAPE CITY. The candidate should have completed their graduation in any stream from a recognized institution. The candidate should possess the graduation certificate at the time of exam and interview. The candidate should have a minimum of 60% aggregate marks from the 10th class, intermediate and the graduation. Candidates should make sure that you have no current backlogs while attending the interview. Candidates having any backlogs are not eligible to attend the interview. No Academic gap is allowed.

    GRAPE CITY consists of 5 rounds-
    1.       Written test (Aptitude)
    This section consists of questions based on data interpretation, graphs, blood relations, statement reasoning, etc. Also, there are questions from basic mathematics like time, speed & distance, algebra, arithmetic, probability, geometry, permutation & combination, etc. Further, there are questions from English language like grammar usage, fill in the blanks, etc. The total time allotted to the written exam is 20 minutes and there are total 27 questions.
    2.       Group discussion
    In this round you will be made to sit with some candidates and a general topic will be given which will be same for all candidates. The point of this round is check weather a candidate is able to keep their points during the debate and if the candidate is able to communicate properly.
    3.       Written Test (Coding)
    This Section consists of 2 questions. One question is of your choice and other question is based on printing some pattern.
    4.       Technical Interview
    After you have cleared your test and group discussion the next round is technical interview. In this round the interrogation will be based on your introduction, resume and your skills. This round will be with the line manager or AM. In this round they will check your analytical skills, communication, process knowledge, stability and thought process. You just need to be confident with all your answers. Also, in this round question based on coding can also be asked
    5.       HR interview
    After your technical rounds you will be heading towards the final round which is the HR round. In this round you will be asked general questions like why do you want to join the company, your hobbies and many questions like this.
    ·         Prepare well for aptitude and programming questions.
    ·         There will be questions in which you have to generate the output so make sure you practice these types of questions.
    ·         There will be more than 1 interviews so practice English speaking.
    ·         Whatever answer you give make sure you are correct and confident about it.
    ·         Read your resume thoroughly as you will be asked questions based on your CV.
    ·         Dress properly to an interview because first impression always impacts your interview
    ·         Practice aptitude questions and attempt mock tests frequently. For that I would prefer our prep guru app developed by youth4work for this such purpose.
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  • GrapeCity is a privately held, multinational software corporation based in Sendai, Japan, that develops its own software products and provides outsourced product development services, consulting services, software, and Customer relationship management services. 
    Definitely, it will be a great option for the fresher’s prospective. This company has many qualities such as:
    - Good for learning, especially for 0-5 year experience level
    - Campus is one of the best in Delhi NCR
    - Work on new technologies
    - Competitive compensation (more than average)
    - Not a company to work for more than 5 year experience level
    - Job security. You are not fired until you are bad.

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