Where is the best place to rent a property?

Real estate has always been a profitable business and it will always be so. Now it is very profitable to buy real estate and rent it out. And even more so abroad. But how to find the best countries where it is most profitable to rent real estate. For example, you can view this information on this resource https://hayatestate.com/en/ here is a very detailed list of countries where it is best to rent real estate. Moreover, the exact statistics of what percentage you will receive in a particular country have already been shown.

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  • For those who might not be ready to make the full leap into property ownership, another angle to consider is the short-term rental market. Some people invest in properties in popular tourist destinations and then offer them as short-term rentals. For instance, Amsterdam is a bustling city that always has a high demand for accommodation. I stumbled upon a list of the best hotels in Amsterdam, and it made me think that owning a property in such a high-demand area can offer solid returns if managed properly. You can even make your property competitive by offering amenities similar to those found in the best hotels.

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