what is known as bulk scanning and bulk loading?
what is known as bulk scanning and bulk loading in the given database management systems of the Oracle?
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  • Bulk scanning:The bulk scanning software will allow the user of the program to make voluminous copying of files in a single action or flow. Large business companies have numerous files that they receive daily. If you handle the replication of the files one by one, it will take you hours or days to complete a batch. The presence of the bulk scanning software will reduce the time period that is associated with the operations.
    Bulk loading:Bulk loading can import large amounts of data into an Oracle database. Bulk loading is accomplished with the SQL*Loader utility. 

  • Ans: The scanning is nothing but the reading process in which many records in the table will be analyzed and retrieved. The Bulk loading operates in the same way as that of bulk scanning. the bulk loading can be done in parallel on multiple relations.

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