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How to Prepare for Oracle written test 2018? What are Oracle recruitment tips and tricks for the interview? Suggest some good books and study material for the same.

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  • How to prepare for the Oracle Recruitment Final interview?

    The idea is to Stand out in the crowd. Trying smiling (but not too much). Mind your surroundings and follow general etiquettes like asking for permission before entering a room or sitting in a chair. Dress smartly, comfortable yet appropriate. All in all, leave a good first impression of yourself so the interviewers remember you.   

    Useful Tips:

    •             Maintain an easy flow of words, not too tight or too loose, just right. But at the same time don’t appear casual, you should come across as sincere and humble.

    •             If possible, aim for leading the interview questions in your favour, the areas you are most comfortable with. Also, if you know the answers really well, then try not to look eager or impatient for answering the question.

    •             Always remember, speech is silver but the silence is golden. Be a good lister, never jump the gun!

    •             The interviewers are known for asking unusual questions, so do not be surprised if you’re thrown in a sticky situation and then asked to find your way out. Keep calm and maintain focus, take your time to grasp the situation and answer accordingly. However, if you are completely oblivious, then go with the best policy of all, that is, honesty.

    •             Show the interviewers that you are willing to learn new things and to adjust with newer places and people alike. Don’t give them any impression that might show you lack perseverance.

    •             Pick up right words. Don’t hesitate, hum or falter or fumble. Work on your speech, it should be clear and not too low. And use your body language to your advantage, sit up straight, maintain eye contact, avoid fidgeting of any kind.  

     Tips for Oracle Written Paper/Exam

    •             You need speed to finish the Oracle Recruitment Test within prescribed time limit. Go through the topics in the syllabus and start with the ones that you are good at. Practise reasoning and mathematics problems by memorising formulas.

    •             After each study session keep 1/2 hour for revision of topics learned/practised.

    •             Become smart by attempting questions that you are sure of first, then come to the questions you’re in doubt. But don’t attempt them anyway, remember negative marking is a factor here. Therefore, only attempt the questions that you are sure of.

    •             Manage your time properly; give appropriate amount of time to each section. Try to improve your time by practicing as many online tests as possible. Youth4work provides online mock tests will time limit attached to each question; this way one can learn to finish the entire exam within the time limit.

    If you need good books and study material for Oracle Recruitment 2018 preparation:

    You can also download an APP for Oracle (Placement Paper) Recruitment MOCK TEST prep developed by Youth4work:

  • there are plenty of mobile apps, online sites that provides mock tests and interview tips but among them until i used youth4work is quite simple and upgraded question bank is provided by them which can make the students realte the questions with current required crieteria.  go through the youth4work mock test and interview tips section which will cover all your work.

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