What is a career opportunities in a FFSC? WHAT IS A FUTURE SCOPE IN IT

Why Ffsc a s a carree and is there a growth prospect in ffsc, and if one adopt ffsc a sa carrer then what will be the minimum package

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  • Furniture & Fittings Skill Council (FFSC) is a Not-for-Profit organization, registered under societies Registration Act XXI of 1860. The Council has been promoted by CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) with financial support from the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC). The aim of the sector skill council is to focus on establishing an effective and efficient eco-system for development and imparting of skills for the Furniture& Fittings industry including relevant curriculum, courses, information database, delivery system, standardization, accreditation and certification processes to enhance the employability of the Indian workforce globally. The mandates for FFSC are: Setting up Labour Market Information System (LMIS) to assist planning and delivery of training. Develop a sector skill development plan for the furniture & fittings industry. Development of National Occupational Standards (NOS) customized & implemented towards Indian Standards & Requirements and adopted by the furniture& fittings industry. Developing career path, skill competency standards and qualifications for upgrading youth/work force at par with the developed countries. To help the member organizations across market verticals sharpen their business focus, updating on the emerging market trends and development. Standardization of affiliation and accreditation process & participation in the process. Plan and execute training of trainers. Ensure delivery of training programs by accredited organizations as per industry norms and standards. The Furniture & Fittings Skill Council is looking at aiming to carrying out pilot training projects in different states based on an Occupational Standards led curriculum and content.

ffsc furniture and fittings skill council
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ffsc furniture and fittings skill council