how to handle physics for neet

please tell

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  • Tips to prepare for NEET 2017 Physics paper:

    1)    Kinematics, Laws of Motions, Electrostatics, Magnetic Effects of Current and Modern Physics are few of the important topics of Physics
     2)  NCERT books are recommended to prepare for NEET 2017 Physics. This book focuses on strengthening your basics
      3)  Another great way to strengthen your Physics subject for NEET 2017 is by solving NEET previous year’s question papers.
     4)   Focus on more on Modern Physics, especially the theoretical questions of that topic
      5) Solve direct formula based questions of any topic
      6)  In Heat and thermodynamics majority of questions are of P-Y graph or principles of thermodynamics which are easy to solve
      7)  In a questions where the calculations are lengthy, try to solve through approximation or as per options.

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