downward in group bond angel Inc or Dec NH3>,PH3=,AsH3=SbH3 it's true

plz... tell me about this query.

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  • decreases due to bp-bp repulsion decreases

  • The angle around the central atom H-M-H decreases from NH3 to SbH3 as, Hydride NH3 PH3 AsH3 SbH3 H-M-H angle 1070 920 910 900 ..........This variation in bond angle can be explained on the basis of electronegativity of the central atom. Since nitrogen atom is highly electronegative. So in NH3 there is high electron density around the N atom which causes greater repulsions between the electron pairs around the N atom resulting in maximum bond angle. Since electronegativity decreases down the group, the electron density also decreases and consequently the repulsive interactions between the electron pairs also decrease thereby decreasing the bond angle H-M-H.

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