Hi everybody!! As we all know we r having our AIIMS exam on 26th of may.I really want to clear that exam but fed up of revising the same syllabus again and again.so cn u pls tel hw to overcome this!!!

please answer😢😢

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  • practice

  • question practice is most important not only revise.... agr aap neet ki tyaari kr chuke ho to revise to hua hi pda h but question practise jroori h practice makes a man perfect

  • Don't worry juz be relaxed! first go through the notes which you prepared while reading and don't miss the important points which u wrote at a side of your textbook papers Don't leave any sentence in NCERT which have the words because, that's why, so, etc as they may give it in assertion and reason type questions. hope this was usefull.. ALL THE BEST!!!!!!

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