pKa value of acetic acid is 4.75.If the buffer solution contains 0.125 M acetic acid and 0.25 M sodium acetate, the pH of buffer solution is?

plz give the answer with solution

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  • it is a acidic buffer as it contains acetic acid (weak acid) and it salt with strong base(NaOH) so the formula is = pH= pka+ log(salt)/(weak acid) hence ... pH=4.75+ log(0.25)/(0.125) =4.75+ log(2) =4.75+0.3010 =5.0510.Hence it is an acidic solution.

  • apply formula... pH=pka+log[salt]/[acid] pH=4.75+log(0.25)/(0.125) now solve.. pH=4.75+log2 pH=4.75+0.3= 5.05

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